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  • Rachel Klarfeld

    Rachel Klarfeld

    Wine. Dine. Recline. Talent Ambassador .@nitropdf

  • Haroon Khan

    Haroon Khan

    Storyteller | Copywriter | Poet | Selecta

  • Liandy Hardikoesoemo

    Liandy Hardikoesoemo

    Software Engineer at Shipt

  • Josh Burgess

    Josh Burgess

    Programmer. Likes λ things. JS, TypeScript, PureScript, Haskell, etc.

  • Xue Mei Rhodin

    Xue Mei Rhodin

    Experienced Entrepreneur, Speaker, Brand Strategy Consultant and Business Strategy Consultant for Tech, Internet and Design companies. xuemeirhodin.com

  • Justin Snider

    Justin Snider

    SEO + Seahawks + Arsenal + Texas + Gadget Cat = Justin. I make @LOYAL3 rank in Google (and Bing, I guess).

  • C. James Winslow

    C. James Winslow

    innovation, love, passion, and AWESOME!

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