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Thank you for the post. Plagiarism is bad, there’s no excuse.

Probably related but I know someone whose CV in Linkedin is basically a 90% copy paste from most job vacancy’s job description combined into one. I say 90% because the only words he changed is the client name and the company name, eg. the original “3 years experience working in Google” changed into “3 years experience working in <his company>”.

I found out when I googled the words from his CV because they don’t seem naturally written and lo behold, I found a lot of results of job vacancies with the same exact words.

And I know the person is not and might not be capable of doing whatever he copy-pastes in his CV, so yeah.

It’s kind of a shame that most people nowadays can just justify their “roles” or “capabilities” just by using other peoples’ words/works. And most of the time, they get away with it, too. Since most people are either too nice or too ignorant to call them out.