Child With Cancer has Phenomenal Family Support

TJ Paar at a cancer walk in September — by Amanda Hendrickson

Cancer is a terrifying experience to go through. Luckily, TJ Paar has a family who supports him through everything. At the age of five, TJ, short for Timothy Junior, developed brain cancer. Before the cancer made itself aware, TJ was a bright and bubbly four year old. Then the all too familiar signs of the gruesome disease became apparent. TJ was unable to keep any food down and he was constantly dizzy. But his family have remained upbeat and positive throughout all of the highs and lows of his disease.

TJ and his cousin Kate hug before the race — by Amanda Hendrickson

Denise, TJ’s mom said, “I didn’t want to act like this was a death sentence anymore, I wanted to fight back so TJ had the strength to fight back.” The positivity that Denise spread affected everyone around her and throughout his entire family. There was nothing they wouldn’t do to make TJ smile. Denise claims that the positivity is what helped TJ in his recovery as well. Before long, TJ was showing signs of improvement with his therapy. The swelling in his brain went down and the tumor began to shrink. Which is nothing short of a miracle for this laughing, loving family.

TJ smiles for the camera; TJ’s family stretches for the race on Sunday; TJ and his mom joke at the table — by Amanda Hendrickson
TJ’s family races for the cure; TJ’s family crosses the finish line — by Amanda Hendrickson
TJ poses for the camera; TJ and his cousin rides “The Spinner” by Amanda Hendrickson
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