It’s 2019 and if you have an image in your signature, take it out now!

Images should not be part of any signature because they are exploited to inject malware, infringe on privacy and clutter inboxes. There are two basic ways in which an image can be embedded in a signature, but neither method should be used as the purpose of a signature is to transmit contact information. The first method is obvious: include the image as an attachment. The second is a bit more complex: to refer to an image on a remote server which is downloaded when the…

This container stuff turns out to be quite fun :) [Source]

So, this is the second article in the series. The first article covers the setup and got us into a state where we’ve taken things from running locally in development mode to running in a container in development mode. Now, we’ll try to dive a bit deeper and look at how we can apply some cleverness to have a proper server inside a container run side-by-side a local Django development server. We may use the latter for debugging but keep testing in production.

Django is a fantastic web application framework with loads of useful functionality. Arguably my favorite aspect are database migrations, which can take a lot pain out of a process that can be error-prone when performed manually. There are also plenty of reasons why one would want to Dockerize a Django project. We can go along with the infrastructure-as-code movement and clearly define dependencies and the state of the underlying infrastructure in config files and as code as well as commit these to source control. We can also make our development environments a bit more alike our staging and production environments…

After being sucked into the whirlwind of the MIT Media Lab workshop and spat out in the Berlin blockchain scene, my next stop was Riga. This pearl of a city on the Baltic Sea has been a Nordic trading nexus since the Middle Ages. While the last century has been tumultuous, it’s immediately evident that a new age is dawning on Riga as independent Latvia’s capital. In the global context, a city of a mere 600 000 inhabitants in a country of 1.5m wouldn’t make much of a difference. …

I was set on Helsinki as destination #1, when two days before my departure I was suddenly presented with the opportunity to join the MIT Media Lab for their workshop in Berlin. With flights, accommodation and ferry connections already booked, I had to make some sweeping changes to my itinerary — I couldn’t give up on a week in Berlin with some improbably smart people. Plus, I have been a big fan of the MIT Media Lab ever since my housemate Silas walked in with a stack of XO Laptops 10 years ago.

The MIT Media Lab set out to…

For most people, blockchain means Bitcoin. Diving into the blockchain scene in Berlin makes it blatantly obvious that the blockchain world is much bigger and more diverse than Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. It sure all started with the idea of a decentralized payment network without the need for trusted third-parties. Over the years, decentralized investment vehicles, a platform for smart contracts, cross border payments, and coin exchanges followed.
Of course, decentralization is the definite theme.

All things decentralized

Berlin is an obvious choice for lovers-of-all-things-decentralized to congregate. It has long been home to anarchists, cypherpunks and a strong counter-culture. There is a healthy dose…

After a summer of scorching sunshine, the patches of grass in London’s parks look closer to the African savanna than proudly maintained English lawns. To some, this looked like a fitting analogy to changes the country at large was going through. Without the slightest irony, this made me wonder if the grass is actually greener somewhere else?

Mint Street Park in July 2018. This is normally flush and green, but the summer of 2018 has turned most London parks into dust bowls.

Over the past 8 years that I called Britain home, London kept its aura as an international hub for virtually everything: from finance, film-making and politics to arts & sciences and of course for start-ups and innovation. …

Hendrik Frentrup

Data Scientist & Engineer — Canvassing the next generation of products related to data, privacy and blockchain

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