Time vs Comfort

Which do you prefer? Time or Comfort? For myself, this is an absolute no-brainer…..TIME! When clocking in for 8 hours (on a slow day) I cringe a little. The comfort of having a steady income and health insurance does not compare to having the time to do what you want. Create my own dreams.

I realized early on, I am NOT an employee. The comfort never kept my attention. I have made some moves in my life in which puzzled people. I left my job in the graphic deign industry and started working in general labor. Sounds crazy right?!? I wanted to make myself a little more uncomfortable in order to light a fire under myself to gain control of my time and start my business.

Get up, go out, and put in the work

The year 2015 has been focused on controlling my time by starting my business. Hendricks Design Studios, LLC (HDS) is my golden ticket for controlling my life. HDS is a graphic design studio I plan to develop and control. If you are ready to take control, think of your core skills and how you can turn them into income. Starting a business takes you out of your comfort zone but the end result is amazing.

Which do you prefer? Time or Comfort?

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