Life and Work balance is nonsense as I know it

As goes for any other commuters in Jakarta and Greater Area, we struggle each day to tip the balance between hellish triangular scale of Life, Work, and Traffic. Unless you are in transportation business, this condemning scale may not apply to you.

Traffic, as violent cruel unforgiving as it is, traffic is nothing but helpless being that we pour our bad emotion to. We shout, we swear, we honk (thousand of times like the world is deaf), carelessly of what other commuters may feel. We shove our backpack and our shoulders as we enter the zombie-apocalypse-escaping train during Jakarta rush hours. And everyday stands our Spartan stance to hold other people getting into the train car, which they also deserve to be.

When you are in traffic, be confident that you are a smart and responsible commuter or driver, while others may act like monkeys and not as smart and responsible as you are. This is where you show yourself and other some class, that you belong to higher member of society, even though at certain intersection of place and time, you shared that space with people choosing to act lower than they should be, whether they drive a C-class, wearing a suit or shouting at their taxi driver to overtake you with hostility.

A lot of people rush to clock in on-time, just to flow their bad emotion gathered in traffic and escaped in home to their subordinates, colleagues, vendors, and worse to customers. As the law of energy conservation dictates that it cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be converted to other forms. Bad emotion can be a destructive and consumptive energy that shouldn’t be distributed in its raw form, instead it should be filtered, converted, and enhanced into something greater. This sentence would sound more like motivation-non-sense poster, but at least I can smell the non-sense-ness in my own words, and try to set apart the truth chunk out of it.

When you get to work knowing that you work your ass hard to even get to the office, you better make sure that 8-hour work is worthy of that traffic struggle. Even though you may not always hit a 5-days winning streak on this.

When you get off from work knowing that what you’ve worked on is for the greater good of yourself and others in your life, you better make sure that “life” isn’t wasted just to be a counter-act repressing stress you generated at work. Even though sometimes you lost grip, and just wanna chug that after-work beers and drinks down to their last drops.

As promotional as this last part may sound, we started with a friendly message, “to give more”. We want to be your friend, in every stages of your life. When you are stuck in traffic, we want to simply provide you with calming stuffed toys to squeeze while getting squeezed in the train; or the mood booster car fresheners to trick the good mood out of you. When you arrive to the office, we want to send you serenity simple looking your decorative plants. When you come home, we want you to take comfort in your couch and satisfied in dinner prepared at your own well equipped kitchen.