Myth of Silence’s Gold

For every actions has consequences, every inactions can have more and worse
For every abusive presences leaves deep wounds, every selfish absences leaves deeper

I once heard someone said, “If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all”, and that “silence is golden”. While this may be true in certain case, it should not be abused by generalising its usage in larger situation.

Just because you think you do things badly, made wrong decisions and messed up your life; Shutting-down, numb-trying, eluding real life and choose to be silent in your own inner-peace-serenity-alone-in-meditation mumbo-jumbo stuff, sometimes doesn’t just cut it and have every potential to make it worse. There is no hard-reset in life, where you think reinventing yourself is the ultimate answer for all the mess you’re into. Since there is this very thin line between “reinventing/finding” yourself with just being ignorant and escaping reality.

While some people choose to drop everything, escape to some place miles away, and start-over in work or in life; However Nicholas-Sparky-romantic that may seem, some people choose to stay not because the lack of courage or ambition, but because they want to heal the pain where it hurts the most, they wanna be loyal at something that others may disloyal to. As the first refuses be judged for being not responsible enough, the latter shouldn’t also be judged by not being “carpe-diem” enough.

Life definitely goes on, there’s no smallest amount of second that you can get back. People around you go on, stuffs around you wear down, and age is a non-stop train that keeps on “choo-choo”-ing your life. There is no pause button either, however careless you may try, the world still revolve with or without you.

No matter how hard you try to convince yourself to dive 150% to your work or business travel as an escape mechanism, thinking you’ll make tons of money to later spend with your children in fancy holiday, their life go on without you, and there’s no holiday in the world (well, except maybe for SpaceX’s MARS) that could restore their lost of you back. There is no pause button in their growth, no save point where you can get back to their certain point of life.

I’m not writing this in a judgemental, sceptical, or cynical way, it’s just reflection and culmination of my previous weeks in meeting different people from different background, in different life stages. Some of them are fully aware what they give up in order to be where they are right now, some of them don’t even have the smallest clue of what ramification they are building up by being where they are right now. Some are mature enough to learn and war-chest the consequences paired with sacrifices, some are just being “free-soul” wannabe who really want to flush their life down the drain while dragging others with them. The latter of course while living the similar life, but they don’t seem realise the debt they collect with no ability to ever pay, the sacrifice they made unconsciously.

There is no real value in making money for the sake of spending it carelessly. 
There is no real value in reading a book just to be able to look intelligent while quoting it in front of other people. 
There is no real value in travelling for the sake of bragging about it in facebook.
There is no real value in reinventing yourself for the sake of escaping the mess you were in.