No Estimates
Ryan Gough

Hi! Thanks for the post.

A comment: I think the effort spent on estimates is overrated. I think it’s an argument created by noestimates. I haven’t found estimates (or even planning poker, if you do that) to take much time. What do takes some time is getting to a shared understanding (which is needed anyway, and is another topic perhaps), after that the estimation part just takes seconds. But overall, weekly planning meetings shouldn’t take more than an hour, IME. Which is time well spent IMO, since we do need to discuss what to build next, and why etc.

Anyway, if you do spend too much time on estimates, the solution is pretty simple: spend less time ☺ No need to question estimates for that reason.

Generally we can find a plethora of ways we can abuse anything​. It doesn’t say anything about the usefulness of that thing.

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