How Tough is TOUGH actually?

It has always amaze me in my years of Entrepreneurship the amount of people i got to meet and greet and do business with and it sort of putting a lot of thinking cap on my mind when reflected back whenever i have the time to do so. Of course, not all experience smells like Roses and not all that bad as well.

There’s always this saying that whatever that you wanted to achieve so much, you will go all out to do it and i believe there are tons of advise and even quotes leading to that being in Social Media or even surrounding friends advising. Now, the real deal is, how tough (when the things that you wanted to do/achieve) is TOUGH (and do you even put up first steps to try it). Well, in my line of course and experience, i meet so many people with so many different personality that sometimes i would only conclude the people i meet in this few category (of course there’s more but just my personal rant here you *&^%$).

  1. Waiting for “something to happen” rather than the one make it happen.

Trust many of you have came across this same quotes and Yes (how un-original i am) re-using the quotes but hey, i find this group of people, the higher one climb in corporate ladder the more i meet this bunch. They are like those Cantonese saying “ tang toi yau” (waiting for retirement) and this bunch is definitely an toxic in the organization and even to be mixed with due to their “version” of looking at things and matters. If your explosions urgency of getting things done, you might get drag down. Wouldn’t categorized them as negative just that they have a slower view/mindset in approaching issues and using time delaying as main weapon and most of the time, the following up phrase will be “ i should have done this earlier”, “i should have done that earlier” and in Malaysian context please add in a “ la” behind after the phrase.

2. A jack of all Trade person.

Take a good look at your surrounding list of friends that you have. Smile? Yes, so do i. There’s always ONE person particular in our friends list that the person being Male or Female will be filled by opportunity till we sometimes even lost at what his/her day job is. He/she might look successful, might sound successful but only he/she will know. He will not reject opportunity to talk to people being in mamak, gathering and in his speech he/she will always have something new to introduce.

3. Yes man!

Oh how we all do love such person! No i am joking. In my course of line, spar or challenging my opinion is a MUST as there’s no right or wrong really as long as the end KPI is being meet. But it perturbed me when i am dealing with this sort of people that they sometimes will say only Yes to a certain people (very obvious to the one signing pay cheque) and it’s also hazardous to an organization. My take is, if you want to say Yes, say it all across? :P

Well, like i mention there’s more group of people that i meet that can be categorized and there will be not enough space for me to rant on as well but i can assure you that the Toughest situation always forcing the best out of the people. This tactic is the best implemented at Sales Department.

So the question on how Tough is TOUGH is actually in one mindset whether you are one on the side implementing OR the side that having to implement, first baby steps need to be taken and all the problem after that will surface to you. The more you learn (read blog, attend seminar) will get you this far if you are not putting it into practice.

Stop learning, start applying — best quote i ever heard this week.

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