Screen-Apps, switch your Smartphone into party dance light attribute

The idea come from wristband on coldplay concert. The wristband divided into several channel and controlled by some control panel using wireless radio frequency. There is maximum distance covered by the control panel to make the wristband is work. We can make color light simulation in the control panel and make it show up in some channel. It’s work realtime follow the party.

Now, we make the wristband from your smartphone. There are three application :

  • Backend (Express js + MongoDB + Socket.IO)
  • Dashboard Control Panel (React Apps)
  • Android Apps (React Native + Socket.IO-Client)

We will define Auth User Service for the Authentication in Dashboard Control Panel. Channel Service is controlling light, interval, color, activation, and channel id. User can manage the channel in the Dashboard Control Panel. The socket.IO will broadcast the data to all device that connect to the server.

Android Apps will receive the data realtime from the server using socket.IO. In the android apps have random channel every we open the apps. In this case we using 1–5 channel in the android apps.

Non Commercial Project

Dashboard Control Panel

Android Apps