The Mors Family (Mike Mors)

(Chapter 3)

The news about what happened to Roy spread around the house pretty quick. Victor got rid of of the body and cleaned up the mess in the kitchen. For someone who looked like he could snap you in half he was surprisingly motherly sometimes. Always checked on us and cleaning up our messes. Though no matter how nice he was, you did not want to get on his bad side.

I remember going to a bar with him to pick up Mikel cause he got too drunk one time. Some random drunk guy in the alley tried to start shit with me and even swung at me. I dodged and got ready to beat the shit out of him but Victor handed me Mikel and grabbed the guy by the back of his head and smashed it into the brick wall. He kept going until his skull practically caved in. After he was done he tossed the guy into the dumpster and grabbed Mikel from me and carried him to the car.

I learned that day to never get on his bad side. When he snapped it was bad. Ironically he didn’t use his strength to kill a lot of the time. He preferred using a gun. He had crazy good aim. I’ve never seen him miss a target. He liked to play with his victims. Told them that if they could get away in time they were free to go. Would give them a 5 second head start. Then he’d put a single bullet in and fire.

He always shot them on the back of their head. They went down in seconds. If they managed to still be breathing after that he’d usually let someone else have the fun of taking them out. He would tell me that it was the best form of hunting he’s ever done. Much more fun than hunting down any animal.

If that wasn’t enough reason to not piss him off, he was one of the only people that could calm down half the people here. And let me tell you, that shit ain’t easy. Especially with a bunch of strong headed assholes like us.

Still, Victor was nothing in kills compared to the twins. Or even worse. Jay. That guy was like the most extreme horror movie come to life. You ever seen one of those movies where the person gets kidnapped and tortured real slow and brutal ? Well that was him but 10 times worse. Not to mention, he made a meal out of them too. And not some sloppy shit either. He took his time making sure everything was nice and neat and looked like it was professionally cooked.

Jay always took his victims to the basement. Strapped them in a chair while they were unconscious and when they woke up, that’s when the fun started. He woke them up by splashing ice cold water on them. After that he would play around with them. Ask them about their life. And then there was the game. He would tell them a story and they would have to guess which part of the story was a lie. If they got it wrong, they would get a punishment. It would start with the hands getting stakes through them. The louder they screamed the deeper it would go. When the screaming started to annoy him he would sew their lips shut. And when he felt like playing he would cut open the thread. Each time he would cut a little deeper into the face.

Every now and again we would go in and act like we were another victim he put in there while they were unconscious. We would pretend to freak out and then struggle until we could finally escape. And then we would help them out of the chair. That’s when he came in. We would then turn to his victim and start laughing. That’s when you could see what little hope they had left die. He would slam them back onto the chair by their throat. And put stakes into their forearms.

When he was finally finished playing with them he would start cutting off large amounts of skin and muscle. He kept doing so until they were practically all bone. Then it was the organs. He made sure to be extra careful with those. If they were damaged in any way he would give them to me for my art. It’s always appreciated.

I laughed and got up from my bed and went to the living room. Jack should be up by now.




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