Cloud State 2018: Women-in-Tech Thought Leaders

I would like to share about two women-in-tech thought leaders who are going to be offering some great insights at the Cloud State 2018 event in a couple of weeks.

Before I do that, I can’t help but mention *another* women-in-tech thought leader, my colleague Angelique Medina (@bitprints). Angelique recently completed a Global DNS Performance Report based on 15M performance measurements of public resolvers, managed providers and roots. The report is comprehensive, it’s deep, it’s insightful and actionable. She recently presented on the public resolver performance findings at a recent NANOG in Vancouver (one of just two #womenintech presenters at the conference). Ka-boom!

But that’s not all. Another colleague of mine, Archana Kesavan (@archana_k7), is wrapping up a global Public Cloud Performance Benchmark, based on over 50M network performance measurements of 55 AWS, Azure and GCP regions on a user-to-cloud, AZ-AZ, per-cloud inter-region, and multi-cloud inter-region basis. The report surfaces significant differences in connectivity architectures, global performance variations and performance predictability differences between the three providers. I’ve listened to Archana brief SaaS and enterprise IT leaders and heard their positive feedback on the value that these findings can provide to their organizations. This is rich, third-party intelligence instead of vendor claims or technical assumptions. Enterprise IT teams can make practical use of this data to help craft their cloud connectivity and operational strategies. Ka-pow!

Now here’s the pièce de résistance. Archana will be unveiling this data publicly at the upcoming Cloud State 2018 event on the evening of November 7th. And not only that, but Kira Makagon (@kiramakagon), EVP of Innovation at RingCentral, will be on hand to share her experiences in journeying to the cloud along with Box CIO Paul Chapman (@PaulChapmanBox) and moderator Leo Lapote (@twitlive). This event is going to be money — Ka-ching!

So, if you’re interested in hearing great insights into the state of cloud network performance in 2018, come on out. If you’re interested to hear from some #womenintech thought leaders, join us. Either way, ka-register here!