Huge cyberattack in 150 countries fills just three Bitcoin wallets

Animated map of attack from NYT

A global ransomware cyber attack hit over 200.000 companies and government organizations in over 150 countries. This article is about the ransom money.

Emergency workers blinded by blunders during Brussels Bombings

MARCH 22, 2017
BY HENK VAN ESS / Edited by Raf Njotea

Exactly one year after the deadliest act of terrorism in Belgium, secret documents of a debriefing reveal what really happened inside the panic room. Emergency workers had to work blind because the “usual” chaos after a terrorist attack. But the blindness was also caused by a series of logistical blunders.

AP Photo/Frederic Sierakowski, Pool


The VERGADERING VAN HET HOOG OVERLEGCOMITE VOOR DE POLITIEDIENSTEN is a regular meeting between the highest Belgian police officials. I obtained the complete transcript of this meeting which was behind closed doors. This was done via…

This missile launcher was dumped in Cairo. Or was it? And when was it?

Is that mysterious missile launcher in Egypt really fake news?

by Henk van Ess /Full story published June 12th 2017, frequent updates till September 29, 2017, first outline on Feb 22, 2017

American Press Institute about this article: ’CSI, MacGyver and Sherlock Holmes all rolled into one excellent package” / Featured on Boing Boing.

Egyptian traffic cops found a mobile launcher lying in a piece of pile near the airport of Cairo. The story was quickly dismissed by Egyptian media. But others believed it. In this detective & research adventure, you learn how to find the truth midst of an information war.

CAIRO — Ibrahim Yousry was heading to work…

Battle “Error 404” or “Page not Found” better than ever

Great news for internet researchers is the new You are now able to battle “Error 404” or “Page not Found” better than ever. Please check the seven tips I have for you. Share this with fellow researchers and add comments for any other findings.

  1. Less guessing

Hardest part of @internetarchive was to predict what the link is of a website that is gone. Now you can just type and pick your candidate(s).

2. Use a wildcard

With (name *) you can see different variations of a website name in @internetarchive now , as shown here in pic.

Google Maps on Steroids

Google Maps is not only a great resource to find places but also people. This manual helps you to put Men On The Map. The journey will be bumpy but hey, it’s brand new. Search with Twitter handles, full names, email addresses in Google Map.


  1. Search for first name, last name

This one is unknown to most people, but depending your country, the trick is possible since 1–4 years.

How it works:
Type in a name of a living person and Google Maps will try to match your name to a databases based on data of…

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