Vtiger Masked Input Fields

Henna A
Henna A
Aug 22, 2019 · 1 min read

Vtiger Masked Input Fields is a Vtiger extension which is designed to apply a specific format to every field. For example, when you type phone number it automatically reforms to something like this “(121) 228–3435”, It’s very helpful as it reduces invalid entries, database issues, and keeps it accurate. It also has an advanced feature as you can create an unlimited number of fields and also you can create your own custom masked input fields for dates, serial numbers, phone numbers, etc.


  • Re-formats Phone Numbers to the specified format automatically.
  • Allows user to create their own custom masked input fields.
  • Runs with Full Create View, Quick Create & Summary Views
  • Supports both Standard and Custom Vtiger Modules.
  • Module manager compatible.
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