Vtiger Sales Forecast

Henna A
Henna A
Aug 22, 2019 · 1 min read

Vtiger Sales Forecast is a Vtiger extension which is designed to manage and predict company’s current and future opportunities. It has the ability to view the entire company’s opportunities and also can drop-down to each team/user. Its unique setting panel is fully build to categorize every sales stage and opportunity type for a more accurate forecast.it also can specify the target for every team, configure periods, and personalized dashboards. Therefore the user can specify dates such as range, quarters, months, and also the number of periods to be displayed.


  • It Displays Opportunities in the Forecast view.
  • Allows to drop- down to individual users & teams.
  • It has an Option to set Targets for users & group.
  • It has a responsive user interface
  • Supports forecast for both team and individual users
  • Supports both Standard and Custom Vtiger Modules
  • Module Manager Compatible
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