Joobilant is a consultation and development firm exclusively for Vtiger providing high-quality Vtiger CRM extensions, support, and customized solutions. Our expert team who are well experienced will cater your projects of all sizes regardless of your need, whether its small adjustment or large Vtiger implementation.

At Joobilant we have developed some of the most used & widely known Vtiger Extensions & Modules.
If you can’t find the module that you are looking for in our extensions we are always ready to build a Vtiger Custom Module especially for you.

Whatever service you need, whether big or small, we will help you to get it completed successfully and efficiently as and when required. Vtiger Customizationis one of our major factor. You will get those features your business needs to enable your team CRM to use, grow sales and improve performance.
We also offer a simple workflow which ensures that you are getting the best feature for your business.

Vtiger Support

Fast and professional support is essential for whom Vtiger CRM is a business critical. At joobilant, we know what our customers want and what our company does best in Vtiger, we focus on where these two meets.

We are dedicated in protecting your Vtiger CRM investment by our Vtiger monthly support agreement which includes a variety of Services that can keep your best customer relationships intact. We will protect you from Vtiger issues by providing apt customization and maintenance that your business requires.

Our Vtiger CRM backup service will ensure that your data is always protected. We work hard to make sure your customer data is safe and secure. Our mission is to help you improve your sales and revenue and achieve your business goals.

We also offer Vtiger startup packages. In case of any queries, we can be reached at Email (

Pay full attention to your business growth, we will take care of the following.


Vtiger Hosting

Vtiger CRM solutions hosted by Joobilant is the most secure and fastest out there. That is why it is trusted by many.

What Makes Us Unique

Joobilant offers Vtiger CRM hosting services that are tailored to customer’s specific expectations with one click integrations because internal servers can at times be unreliable and are expensive.

We will help you to deal with the issues related to internal hosting and affirm tranquility, so that you can focus on your business affairs alone.


User-friendly & increasing user interface; Vtiger CRM has high purchase rates with less cognitive processes.


Vtiger CRM is universally accessible and helps every user in your business to collaborate with colleagues.


Your data is backed daily. We also providefree backup restore in case of user mistake/mass update.

Low Cost

Enterprise-ready support, service, and affordable upgrades.It can be used by any business, large or small.


The ownership lies with you and we will take care of the rest. We can provide full backup if you decide to host it locally/migrate to an alternative CRM.


Install add-ons for Vtiger open source including Excel export, Quick lead look up, Hotkeys and many more.


Highly protected servers and public/private keys that protect from intrusion.


24/7 e-mail & chat support. We work hard to make sure your data is safe.Our team is prompt to answer all your queries.

Developer’s Access

We give access to application backend via file manager & direct MySQL database access.

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