A Kinetic Documentary on the Punks + Poets of Lower Manhattan

A behind-the-curtain look at how we made our latest audio walk.

Neon lights and mannequins in the store window of Trash and Vaudeville, located in New York’s East Village.
The Washington Square Arch lit up at night in Greenwich Village, New York City.
Red neon peace sign with stickers and graffiti on a wall.
The exterior of a vintage clothing store called Beacon’s Closet in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Facade of a building that has a Blondie mural in honor of Debbie Harry, located near Bowery, New York City.
Screenshot from Gesso’s Creator Tool, which allows audio producers and artists to create their own themed audio walks.



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Henna Wang

Co-founder of Gesso, next-gen audio guides for cities + museums. Follow for latest insights on audio, museum tech, travel tech, and more. www.gesso.app