Explore Elmhurst with an Audio Tour and Restaurant Crawl by Homecoming.

Amplifying New York’s neighborhood stories through a celebration of cuisine, community, and audio.

Elmhurst Queens subway station.
Photo by @homecomingnewyork

“We thought these audio stories would make a great experience that goes beyond someone going into a restaurant and passively eating food. Now you can listen to these stories behind the food or at least listen to the voices of the folks who make it.” -Bryan Lozano

Photo by @homecomingnewyork

How did you get started? What led up to the decision to launch your first restaurant crawl in Elmhurst?

What inspired your team to add an audio component to your restaurant crawl?

What advice do you have for others who might be interested in incorporating location-based audio into their in-person events as a sort of hybrid experience?

What’s next for Homecoming?

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