A journey through thread and wire :: AKA the coolest thing you could’ve had in the 90s.

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Custom Homekit Enabled Blinds


I built roman blinds from scratch for my home office last year. These blinds sit behind my two computer monitors and while I got a custom aesthetic out of it, the position and mechanism left much to be desired in terms of usability. It sounds like a whine but I would just leave the blinds up all the time to save the hassle of climbing behind my monitors to reach the drawcord.


  1. The Blinds
  2. The Hardware
  3. The Software
  4. Retro-fitting
  5. Final Thoughts

The Blinds

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I bought fabric from Fabricland that went with the general feel of the room. It’s an old-timey fabric used in a minimalist roman-blind shape to bring it into this century; it also has a warmth to it that is well needed in my otherwise black, white and gray office. …

I have been waiting a longtime to hearken the arrival of this beautiful CSS feature: backdrop-filter and I may be ahead of the curve a bit here but I think it’s time we put it on our nearby radars!

In case you’ve never heard of it, backdrop-filter is a CSS feature defined in the CSS Filter Effect Level 2 Spec. You can see what it is trying to achieve by looking at the blurred UI elements of [iOS7+, macOS Yosemite+, Windows 10 Fluent Design] etc.

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tl;dr Static Site Generation is on the rise because people are fed up with under-performing websites.

The Why

Websites come in all shapes and sizes: big ones, small ones, bland ones, overly-colorful ones. Some of the websites out there really do remind me of a Dr. Seuss book (or nightmare) with what brave frontiers they seek to break but there’s one thing I can appreciate in any website: one that loads fast, and can be interacted with almost instantly.

I can’t be alone here. In fact I know I’m not. …


Evan Hennessy

Canadian developer with a passion for good work and tasty integrations. Philosophy/Music Major turned Entrepreneur/Software Developer.

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