The Best Alternative to TravelPod: Atameo

It’s always strange to to see a veteran leave the field, but TravelPod has achieved amazing things over the years and can be extremely proud of the vibrant community they built.

At Atameo we have built a state-of-the-art alternative to TravelPod. With a focus on beautiful design, robust and fast technology and weekly product upgrades, we are one of the fastest growing travel communities out there.

Atameo is available as a Web-App, iOS and Android App. With our intuitive interface it takes minutes to transfer a trip from TravelPod to Atameo. You can add your itinerary, photos, videos, Hotels, sights, quotes music you listened to and more.

We are dedicated to give TravelPod bloggers a new home for their trips. Atameo is more then just an alternative for TravelPod. It is the next generation of travel blogging.

But see for yourself:

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