To your future self #1: Remember driving?

You probably don’t recall writing this. It’s fun sometimes to go through the old archives ain’t it?

It must be nice to not think about transportation anymore. 
A driver’s license is something of the past. 
The roads are quieter, yes?

You’re probably reading this right now while being driven around in that weird one-seater dome looking car with a gorgeous panoramic view.

It’s been years since you last gave any thought of letting an AI drive you around.

It must be nice with no noticeable traffic.

It must be nice to breathe fresh air. Air pollution is eradicated.

It’s already been decades since a human being lost their life to a traffic accident.

Remember driving?

Do great.

Best regards
Yourself — currently suffering from acute bronchitis

“To your future self” is a series of posts where random thoughts are expressed in a badly written letter to you; reading this in the future. It might get better. Only the future… can… tell.

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