3 Simple Tips For Using Mens Designer Bracelets To Your Advantage

Men may focus more on function than style elements in their dress and get up but when it comes to accessories, harmonizing them has a greater impact.

There are good enough reasons why men should wear bracelets. Since times immemorial bracelets have been associated with wealth and power. Wear one and you proclaim your status. Some may not care and wear bracelets just for the fun of it. If you wear bracelets for fun or to make a style statement, there are certain aspects to consider. Here are a few simple tips on wearing designer bracelets without going over the top.

Mens designer bracelets add an accent to the overall apparel and look:

The purpose of accessories like mens designer bracelets is to add a distinctive classy accent to the look. Its purpose certainly is not to draw attention to itself. This is why understated elegance in metal handcrafted cuffs is much sought-after by men who dress in style. A suit and tie outfit are tailors made to go hand in hand with custom handcrafted mens designer bracelets. In this case, one must take care to wear shirts that are not too long in the sleeves so that the bracelet is visible. Pick a bracelet that has a dull or brushed look instead of a chromed, glitzy look and size it right to fit around the wrist without going back and forth. Wear only one bracelet, not a brace or a stack and the effect, though muted, is more sophisticated. Try to avoid wearing very wide metal bracelets next to the wrist watch. A handmade bracelet of twisted, beaten wires in a slim profile is best. You will find that wearing a designer bracelet on your dominant wrist and the wristwatch, on the other hand, achieves a good balance. You cannot go wrong with this cool combo.

If one is good then two is better, right? Wrong:

You might be tempted to wear metal bracelets on each wrist to multiply the effect. In this case, it detracts rather than adding to the effect because two metal bracelets are reminiscent of a prisoner in handcuffs. Even wearing two bracelets on one wrist is not recommended. Two is a crowd and it is off-putting to see someone with wrists covered in bracelets. One stylish bracelet is all you need. However, there are men who will want to sport multiple bracelets in which case they need to aim to achieve balance in the choice of bracelets as well as matching them with outfits.

Pick the right type:

Pick the right designer bracelet for men to suit the dress and occasion. Broad metal bands may give a macho look but are not suitable for boardrooms. They go best with casual short sleeved shirts or T-shirts. For the same reason, one avoids using beaded rope cuffs and leather cuffs for office wear. The bracelet must be discreet not an eye-catcher as the leather and beaded ones are likely to be. If you wish to wear a chunky bracelet make sure you avoid wearing a wristwatch this two clash.

These are general recommendations that apply to you, me and the guy next door. However, if it is a rockstar or a celebrity, they make their own fashion rules, don’t they?

Resource: https://lockerdome.com/10088776609513536/10088779058987024

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