Advice for myself and Offsprings

This is a living list of reminders. Its arranged with a precision of a paint splatter.

This is meant to be read as needed, jump around, agree with it, disagree with it as you see fit. Read it from time to time. Decide for yourself which one is helpful or not so helpful. All will change with time. This is a living list.

All of the following are meant to make the game more enjoyable for you; they are not meant as a burden of rules/laws to live by. Everything in moderation.

  • Risk being yourself- your need for acceptance will make you invisible in this world. The idea of “Yourself” is fluid state and always changing.
  • Forgive yourself (I certainly forgive you)
  • Love is very powerful. Love yourself accept yourself as you are. Love is allowing yourself & those you love to be free to be themselves.
  • Live beneath your means (Spend less than you make by 30% if guide is needed)
  • Be willing to Compromise
  • Try not to compare yourself to anyone or anything.
  • You get it when you Believe it. Believe it’s here. If it fails it okay Move On..
  • Take Chances. Multiple Chances. Learn from the process & result improve and repeat as needed.
  • Learn from your mistakes. Do NOT repeat mistakes.
  • Don’t choose Fear disguised as practicality. Fear is a not the master you want to serve. Fear can be useful as a reminder.
  • You can fail at what you don’t want to do, so you might as well fail doing what you want
  • No need to Blame others. (learn, fix it, do your best to avoid repeating it and move on)
  • Quickly admit when wrong and Apologize. (Absolutely no need for Excuse)
  • Be on Time or Early.
  • Be Prepared. Do the work.
  • Try to genuinely be humble ( this will not always be easy) Being humble means to be confident without bragging and understanding that their is a chance of you being wrong.
  • Be Kind to everyone especially to the unkind. (Sometimes kindly put the unkind in their place)
  • Be comfortable being alone with your thoughts.
  • Listen more talk less. Learn when to keep your mouth shut (which should be majority of the time)
  • Accept things as they come (this takes continuous practice, let’s not slack off on it)
  • Move On.. a lot of great things will happen to/for you, a lot of sad and bad things will happen for/to you. Including death…Be happy or sad and Move On…. Remember you can do it if for any other reason because I have done it.
  • Have a long time horizon. (Long time horizon measured in 20–40 years)
  • Live “Here” in the Present. The meaning of present might change depending on mood.
  • Acknowledge your state… whatever emotion and situation know what you feeling.
  • Enjoy Everyday.
  • When encountering a problem, Check your perspective of it first, then invert followed by Why 5X one following the answer of the other.
  • Take walks everyday if possible. (with nothing no music, book, etc whatever technology comes next. Incase you have a chip in your ear turn it off)
  • Guard your time. Don’t waste others time and don’t allow yours to be wasted
  • Read, Read, Read. Read broadly. About whatever is interesting to you and more. Start with really OLD books.
  • Ask Ask Ask. Don’t assume…just Ask
  • Keep your superstitions in check.
  • Remember people including yourself are selfish. Once you realize this it will become easier to forgive and move on.
  • Expectations lead to disappointment.
  • Think positive generally it makes things flow.
  • Simplify things.
  • Give to others without getting caught
  • Push yourself physically (run in the woods, olympic lifting weights, )and mental(learning a new language, trying to solve hard questions like What is Dejavu why does it happen). Then Rest (sleeping, watching movies, ocean swimming).
  • Keep your desires/wants in Check. They almost always leading to suffering (you will understand when you experience it, the idea is to change course once your realize it)
  • Life is not Fair. Fairness is an illusion you should try to demonstrate while not expecting from others.
  • Self doubt is not a stop sign it simply means you care. Being prepared and trusting yourself will help.
  • Power is very addictive. Avoid seeking it. If obtained work your damnedest to be JUST.
  • Learn to manipulate. Be very careful it can be addictive and sometimes have a disastrous effect.
  • It’s what you Do that is of importance. Do what you say, and say what you mean.
  • Never bet all you have unless you are willing to lose it all.
  • Even your hero’s are human and screw up more than you know.
  • Too much is as bad a too little. Even water.
  • Remember we are all on our way to ………
  • Questions like, what is the meaning of life, why am I here, why do people suffer etc.. are great questions to contemplate while not being overly emotional about them.

More importantly I would like for you to be ……….. It is more important to be what you want or like to be. at the very least try to get there.

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