Janjero Oromo Enslavement and Slavery Writ Large

Interpreted by: H.E. Negash

Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Mineelik, King of Kings of Ethiopia

May this reach Aba Jifar.

We have written this paper of ordinance for you.

Do not say to the gala [sic] that has come to your country from Janjero, “therefore, since you entered my hand, let me seize you, you are my slave, let me trespass against you, and bring your child, let me sell them like livestock, let me exchange them.”1 Throughout all of these eras, their fathers have been with your fathers, their children have lived with you, they do not deserve to be called slaves. Do not go to the public-square and declare de jure, “these are my slaves.” There are no slaves amongst humankind. We are all slaves of the lord(of-the-nation). When the lord(of-the-nation) has chosen you as chief amongst humankind, it is not right for you to be harsh against humankind.2

Bronze Age Pervert (BAP), author of exhortational tract Bronze Age Mindset (BAM), is an esoteric enigma amongst anomalies from known knowns to unknown unknowns. He (excuse me for guessing his gender) is an anon that is, to quote the great and powerful ultramarathoner and autist masochist David Goggins, “uncommon amongst uncommon people.” BAP has allegedly been doxxed as one of the writers from the paleoconservative Taki Magazine.

I’m not entirely convinced. The layers to the threads of this game are so intertwiningly intricate and complex that I have thoughts, but no final conclusions. However, the allegation dovetails a rarity I had only witnessed once before. …

The International Ombudsman Association defines the field of the organizational ombudsman explicitly in its code of ethics and standards of practice. I helped contribute to these by providing the Amharic interpretation they use. I know them well. As an organizational ombudsman at the University of North Dakota and the University of California, Merced I learned that there is a friction betwixt and between how these principles are understood in theory and how they are understood in practice. Chief amongst them in theory is independence.

Independence can be spelled out with many examples. Let me pick just one, to flesh out the principle. Independence, of the ombuds office, means an institution may determine how much money is apportioned to the budget, but may not decide what to do with those funds. They can say we have $100k to spare, or we only have $1k to spare. What they cannot do is play with and manipulate the budget according to their whims and caprices in retaliation of the organizational ombudsman acting as the watchdog (theory) rather than the lapdog (practice) of the administration they would prefer. …

The importance of studying the original biblical languages of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek are that as the cliché goes, substantive matters are lost in translation. Nuance and context that hold meaning are lost. Translation is both paradoxically treachery and love. It is an act of treachery when you translate unfaithfully and with no hinting at or attributing the source. It is an act of love when you translate to paint a picture in the eye of the heart of your hearer.

In The Noahic Covenant Fr. Paul Nadim Tarazi invites his hearers to notice that in the Biblical Hebrew of the Hebrew Bible the word banally translated into the American Language as rainbow in Genesis chapter nine is the same word that is banally translated into the American Language as bow in Genesis chapter twenty-seven. When I heard this, I made an immediate connection to the Amharic vocabulary which I knew well, and passages which I had heard at least once before. Then, I checked the Ge’ez, which the Amharic writ large but especially Biblical Amharic is oft clothed in. …

Ethiopia is the greatest force of stabilization in the Horn of Africa, and yet she has been teetering and tottering on the brink of Balkanization for years. A consensual decentralization would be pleasant, but it would be a nightmare to have hatred-spawned civil wars that lead to insignificant and ever-bickering fiefdoms. The peace path onward is to be people of books, scrolls, manuscripts, and generally studying. We need Oromo Studies and Ge’ez Studies to work hand-in-hand.

ድር : ቢያብር : አንበሳ : ያስር (dir beeyabir anbesa yasir) is a common Amharic saying. Were one to collaborate with a web thick enough, you could catch a lion. Lions are usually heroes in our illustrations, but if we see the lion as a functional tool of our learning we can see that in this case it’s the villain. If we who study Ge’ez also study Oromo, and vice-versa, we can ensnare the lion of Balkanization, to preserve our peace in diverse unity. …

In chapter four of his letter, the Apostle Jacob stresses peace, lowliness, resistance against the devil (slanderer — name disreputer), reserving judgment, and the common Arabic refrain enshallah. If we are at war, are we Christians? If we are proud, are we Christians? If we are afraid of a goatkin or redman with horns, are we Christians? If we judge in the here-and-now, is Jesus judge on judgment day? If we are cocky about what we will do tomorrow and the next day, what room is there for the will of God?

ephesus school

In chapter three of his letter, the Apostle Jacob warns us not to rush into teaching. Teaching is so necessary, and yet, we need to train our hearing muscles first. Our tongue is another muscle that requires great discipline. We should be careful what goods and evils it can produce, and the ripple effects thereof. Envy, the heart of evil-eye lore, and self-seeking or selfish ambition are things we should remain distant from.

ephesus school

00:00:00 Greetings and salutations. Everyone Christ is risen from the dead. This should be released on Monday April 20th, 2020 in other words for 20 20 20. Excuse me, if you hear me sniffling, it’s not the Rona. I’m recording this on Easter Sunday on Foxconn Fosse got on the Feast of feast on the resurrection Mountain Zion Mendoza, and I’ve been hearing Christ is risen true. He is risen in English and Modern Standard Arabic in slavonic is in Amharic in Alpha Romo waiting for in Spanish, and it’s held it together for a while, but there’s there’s just something about the central fees.
00:01:00 This first amongst all the holidays that the church instituted that that against me. So Central to our faith. Anyway, I should be recording a teaching on the scroll of Jacob or James chapter 2, so
00:01:18 In general I want advice YouTube Pray for the revelation of his mystery, which is his consistent message. The New Testament is generally very plain where the New Testament is not playing I encourage you to look for the different commentaries of the father’s overtime, especially for those of you who can understand or find the writings of the Ethiopian exegesis and the antiochian exegesis of the Syriac is the Jesus. I really encourage those methods of biblical interpretation that finds the context of the message and try to use Masala which or martial or illustrations to paint that message in the minds of the humerus. So anyway, God loves you and he wants you to love everyone is giving you a second chance keep that in mind as you read every passage of scripture. So today,
00:02:18 Is James chapter 2 or Jacob to and I’ll be reading from the new King James version today vs 1 to set up my brethren do not hold the Faith of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The lord of Glory with partiality or is there should come into your assembly a man with gold rings in fine apparel and there should also come up in a poor man in filthy clothes and you pay attention to the one wearing the fine clothes and say to him you sit here in a good place and you say to the poor man you stand there or sit here at my footstool and you not showing partiality among yourselves and also become judges with evil Fox. Listen, my beloved Brethren has not chosen the poor of this world to be rich in faith and Heirs of the Kingdom, which he promised to those who love him, but you have dishonoured the poor man. Do not the rich oppress.
00:03:18 You and drag you into the courts. Do they not blaspheme that Noble Name by which you are called? So here in vs127 we have this Noble name. This Regal name is Kingsley name, which is God’s made which is his presence in the Old Testament by which we were called by the holy scriptures, which were read aloud and called us we have been asked for Tatian this admonishment this rebuking that we are abused regularly by corporate towers by the wealthy by the affluent in the course of Caesar in Corinthians. We hear Paul talking about how we shouldn’t even be using the course of Caesars but using our own courts and here we have Jacob rebuking His People Israel or the Israelites were the Jews to watch out watch out for the breach or abusing.
00:04:18 I do not show partiality do not show bias. Do not show favoritism. We have to ask ourselves. Do we let in all four people and not the rich or do we let in all the rich people and not the poor we have to examine ourselves and how we behave in our own Parish who has the honor who has the status who has the privilege are we looking at honors status and privilege from an Earthly point of view or from a Heavenly point of view?
00:04:51 Hypothetically speaking for those of us is Right Beyonce where to come and visit our Parish when we sit her at the right hand of the patriarch or would we treat her the same way we would treat a random homeless person who’s the wandering into ourselves Central Parish?
00:05:12 We have to ask ourselves that question and see if we’re responding in the right way that Jacob is asking us to vs8 the 13th.
00:05:23 If you really fulfill the Royal law according to the scripture you shall love your neighbor as yourself.
00:05:34 You do well, but if you show partiality you commit sin and are convicted by the law as transgressors or whoever shall keep the whole law and yet stumble in one point. He is guilty of all for he who said do not commit adultery also said do not murder now if you do not commit adultery, but you do murder you have become a transgressor of the law. So speak and so do as those who will be judged by the law of Liberty or judgment is without Mercy to the one who has shown No, Mercy Mercy triumphs over judgement and she’s pushing the point of nobility of reality of Royale of royalness of kingship.
00:06:28 Christ is King and so his law is a kingly law to kingly eat it in the United States of America. We have presidents with executive orders. So imagine the executive order of Jesus Christ, which supersedes the other legislation, which is a greater fulfillment of that legislation is to your neighbor as yourself. Jacob makes it plain. He makes it clear you are wrong if you mess up even in one thing so we cannot sell the Brandeis we had to make ourselves big have to make ourselves small we have to belittle ourselves.
00:07:14 You need to analogies here. Imagine you’re playing that the game the game called Jenga if you pull the little wooden blocks one of those blocks eventually will make everything else collapse. I’m into something stablish mint here in Los Angeles that have giant Jenga so you can see it even better. You can see what a mess is made when everything crumbles when antifreeze when he’ll all the pieces fall down.
00:07:44 So that is a good analogy for what is happening to us when we fail to fulfill even in one way the love of the Lord if we adulterer or if we have only one Tori thoughts if we have lustful thoughts or if we have hateful thoughts if we avoid one we have to avoid the other so we have to constantly examine ourselves to see if we are loving everyone in every way. No one can boast. Everyone should be humble if they want to be a exalted and as the prophet set special Hosea Mercy triumphs over judgement Mercy is what the Lord desires and not sacrifice. So we have to put Mercy at the Forefront of what we do.
00:08:35 The great Catholic saint yet, but she’s in the process of can is it canonization Dorothy Day had what she called houses of Mercy where Legends are also called houses of hospitality. Wish you would have houses of communal living where she would constantly welcome in those with so-called fealty close. Those who are homeless right here. Let’s go to 14217. What does it profit my brethren? If someone says he has Faith but does not have Works. Can they save him if a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food and one of you says to them depart in peace be warmed and filled but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body. What does it profit us also face by itself. If it does not have works is dead in the Ethiopian exegetical tradition when there is one meaning or something.
00:09:33 The exigence usually say Bowl when there are more than one meaning to a single verse they’ll say on them which means end this also means so daily food in our prayers of the Our Father which we say also Daily is a reminder of more than one thing at one level. It is the sustenance that we need to get us from day-to-day in a physical food at another level. It is the instruction of the Lord that shows us how we should walk how we should think how we should speak how we should behave and hear the Apostle. Jacob is telling us that we cannot just walk up to someone whether we call them a bum a vagabond or homeless person or how people are doing nowadays people experiencing homelessness. It doesn’t matter about the niceties that come out of our mouths.
00:10:33 Those niceties are just that there are things that stop at the lips. What matters is how we act what matters is whether we’re going to support that person in what they need when they were going to close them and give them food. So if you’re worried when we give them money and they’re going to purchase alcohol or cigarettes or other harder drugs, we have to ask ourselves. How many clothes have provided how many meals have we bought them? How many groceries have we purchased for them? How many times have we sat and Converse with them and spoken with them and talk with them? Maybe they’re religious. We read the scriptures with that have we read the scriptures to them? Have we had them read the scriptures to us so that we may be blessed. These are questions. We have to ask ourselves verse 18 to 24.
00:11:24 Someone will say you have faith and I have Works show me your faith without your works and I will show you my faith by my works. You believe that there is one God you do. Well, even the demons believe and tremble but do you want to know or foolish mad that faith without works is dead was not Abraham Our Father justified by works when he offered Isaac his son on the altar. Do you see that Faith was working together with his works and by works Faith was made perfect and the scripture was fulfilled which says Abraham believed God and it was accounted to him for righteousness. And he was called the friend of God. You see them that a man is justified by works and not by faith only.
00:12:13 Are we see the Folly of dogmatics and Doctrine especially of the Protestant variety one of their Phi the tenants or Dogma or pieces of Doctrine was in Latin solar feed a faith alone here. The Apostle. Jacob says you cannot be justified. You cannot be declared righteous by God by faith only or by faith alone. It is exactly diametrically opposed to the dollar amount or the doctrine that they tried to lay down. I went to a Lutheran Middle School and I I was able to study Luther Martin Luther in great detail at one of the original reformers and popularizer is a vernacular Bible interesting that that work that needed some Schaefer way, but we always focus on the original languages and the Original Scriptures as
00:13:13 They were accepted by the church. He tried getting rid of the book of Jacob as did other people people try to pick and choose they think at the holy scriptures are a buffet to choose from but they are wrong. You cannot commit a line item veto. You cannot pick and choose you must eat everything. I love in Ethiopian culture when we have our mothers are on Saint grandmother’s and our grand aunts who stand by the table after they have prepared the meal for us and they watch it and they wait for us to eat the whole thing. They don’t let us pick and choose they say try everything. They don’t say. Oh no. No, no, you can eat that note. You try everything and you eat it as they watch you. There’s no escape and in the same way, we must eat the Scrolls of scripture in their entirety. So we see how the dog
00:14:13 The doctrine by the Plain spoken words of the Apostle Jacob and we got to either accept the Apostle Jacob as scripture or we accept nothing in scripture. So we have to understand it’s not about trying to pray Jesus in your heart. It’s not about memorizing Creeds and formulas. Although that may be helpful in part of your spiritual formulation. He’s about faith plus works. It’s about your utmost trust trust to be up to use degree the highest level of trust superlative trust which is revealed which is uncovered through your works and through your actions. There are no if there are no ends and there are no buts about them. We have to get to work and we’ll see that in the
00:15:13 End of the versus here in 25 and 26 likewise was not Rahab the Harlot also justified by works when she received the messengers and set them out another way or as the body without the spirit is dead. So faith without works is dead also, so if you want life, you need to have faith and works and if you want to understand with the opossum Jacob is talking about like the Israelites would have here you have to know that scripture is the older Testament and you have to know about Abraham and you have to know about Rahab. I’m going to assume most of you know a little bit about Abraham for now and even that is probably a false assumption on my end. So go read about Abraham in Genesis, but I want to focus on the person who you may know a little less Rahab Rahab is found in the scroll of Joshua, which is a part of the earlier prophets or the Major Prophets within the older Testament scripture.
00:16:13 Divisions and we can find Rahab especially in Joshua to and I want you to focus on verses 1 to 11, which in fact, I’ll go ahead and read for you know, Joshua the son of nun sent out two men from Acacia Grove to spice secretly saying go view the land especially Jericho so they went and came to the house of a harlot named Rahab and lodged there and it was told the king of Jericho sang behold men have come here tonight from the children of Israel to search out. So the king of Jericho Centre have same bring out the men who have come to you who have entered your house or they have come to search out all the country.
00:16:56 Then the woman took the two men and hit them. So she said yes the men came to me, but I did not know where they were from and it happened at the gate was being sharp when it was dark that men went out where the men went. I do not know pursue them quickly or you may overtake them, but she had brought them up to the roof and hidden them with the stalks of flax when she had laid in order on the Roof then the men pursued them by the road to the Jordan to the Fords. And as soon as those who pursued them had gone out to shut the gate now before they lay down she came up on the roof and said to the man, I know that the Lord has given you the land that the terror of you has fallen on us and them all the inhabitants of the land or faint-hearted because of you or we have heard how the Lord dried up the water of the Red Sea for you when you came out of Egypt and what you did to the two kings of the amorites who are on the other side of the Jordan Soho nandog whom you
00:17:56 Waterleigh destroyed and as soon as we heard these things our hearts melt at neither did there remain any more courage than anyone because of you or the Lord your God. He is God in heaven above and on Earth beneath. It sounds almost like the professional confession of faith that Jonah says later on in the Minor Prophets. It is an amazing Declaration of the glory of the greatness of God and how he works in his creation or in is heavens and in his Earth the story in general has so much information that we could focus on I’m here reflecting on my own platonism and neoplatonism and essentialism that used to trap me and ensnare me about how I used to think you can never lie or deceive anywhere and here we have a situation where even lying is used functionally for the glorification of God, and that’s a
00:18:56 Or another day, but here we have the great phrase that father Thomas. Hopko great Man of Steel Atom used to always say which is orthodox is paradox Orthodoxy is paradoxical Rahab. The Harlot is Justified. I’ll say that again Rahab. The Harlot is declare righteous. Those things seem like their intention those things seem paradoxical and then what we learn in Joshua to hear is that he trusted what she heard and she acted upon it. That’s what we have to do with all of the Holy scriptures. That is Faith. …

The scroll of heel hook chapter two, like all of the newer testament, invites you to reread or read for the first time the older testament. Specifically, we are invited to hear Genesis and Joshua to learn about the faith (superlative trust) of Abraham (the father of many) and Rahab (the harlot declared righteous). We also learn that partiality, bias, discrimination et cetera re: material wealth is forbidden to Christians; especially at the gathering.

Click the following to listen Scroll of Jacob Chapter 2

Holy Jared (Qidus Yaréd) of Aksum’s ssome digwa hymnal is often quoted during The Great Fast (Lent), as it is prayerfully recited daily by the debtera. One of it’s most iconic passages is,

ይፁም ፡ ዓይን ፡ ወይፁም ፡ ልሳን ፡ ወዕዘነኒ ፡ ይፁም ፡ እምሰሚዐ ፡ ሕሡም ። (yissum ayn weyissum lisan weizenenee yissum imsemeea hisum)

“let the eye fast, let the tongue fast, and let my ears fast from hearing swinery”

This holy man and saint, who is the pride of Ethiopia, Eritrea, and the Horn of Africa writ large, and hopefully one day all Christians, is paradoxically renown worldwide as a composer and hymnographer whose notated music predates the classical Europeans by centuries and yet he is virtually unknown for his actual words as they appear in his texts. …


Henok Elias


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