Concept Assessment, Refinement, and Selection

The survey was built using four questions for each product that slowly led into a question on how much they would pay for the product or service. The questions are stated below:

Would you use this product?

Do you know someone who would use this product?

Could you see yourself buying this product?

How much would you pay for this product?

I sent the survey out to a dozen people that I know. I sent it to different people that represent different sections of the market. These people include, doctors, parents, young adults, and seniors citizens. This allows for me to get results that are as accurate as possible and eliminates some bias from a smaller sample. My twelve responses totaled 120 opinions on my ten product ideas. The results are summarized below.

Top 5 ideas based on the survey:

1. 3-in-1 First Aid Kit

2. Snap Together First Aid Kit

3. Folding First Aid Kit

4. Build-A-Kit Online Store

5. Design Your Own First Aid Kit


Patent Search

  1. This is a patent for a wall mounted emergency aid kit that opens and has supplies displayed. It is intended for use in a hospital setting rather than in a home. Link

2. This next one is storage system that snaps together with a similar mechanism as the one I would use. Link

3. The third patent is a fabric folding emergency kit similar to my design except this is in the form of a backpack while mine is much smaller and more compact. Link

4. The fourth idea of mine is actually a service so a there are no patents for this idea. However, there is a website that is similar in function. My idea improves the user experience and the aesthetics and function of the online store that I found. Link to the existing store

5. The last idea is similar to this patent because it is a simple plastic container which is similar to what I would be doing except mine would be customize-able with included markers to make it your own. Link


3-in-1 First Aid Kit

My greatest concern with this kit is that consumers will not want all three kits and they will choose just one size instead of purchasing them as a package.

Snap Together First Aid Kit

My concern with this kit is with the connecting mechanism. I do not know exactly how this would work and it would take some testing. Another issue could be making it last over a long period of time.

Folding First Aid Kit

My biggest concern with this kit is making the kit fold as flat as possible with all the different materials inside. An additional issue could be the open sides. Because of the folded shape, it could be difficult to keep things from falling out.

Build-A-Kit Online Store

My concern with the Build-A-Kit website is how it will compete with huge suppliers like Amazon and target. It will have to have a special feature to make consumers use the service.

Design Your Own First Aid Kit

A concern with my last idea is whether or not there is a large enough market for this type of kit. Consumers love to personalize their belongings, but will they want to do the same thing with their first aid kits.

Pugh Chart

Final Idea: Snap-Together First Aid Kit

Sketch model and Feedback

My model is made from a foam-core board, hot glue, tape, Velcro, and markers. It is a simple model that is meant to give the user a feel for how the product would work even if it is not made to the manufacturing standards. For example, the tops to the containers will be more secure and the the connecting mechanism will be stronger and more efficient than Velcro.

The feedback that I received was that the ability to detach specific containers was satisfying and cool. It was more difficult than she expected to attach and detach but she could also see it as a positive because it gave the kit strength. She liked the classic color choice.


Tuesday: Write the outline

Wednesday: Write the survey and send it out

Thursday: Start benchmarking

Friday: Benchmarking, begin patent search, and concerns

Weekend: Finish benchmarking, patent searches, and concerns

Monday: Complete the Pugh Chart and start Sketch model

Tuesday: Finish model and get feedback

Wednesday: Finalize blog and post

Thursday: Present findings




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