Guidelines on Posting Attractive Job Vacancies Online

Writing a job advertisement should be treated just like any other advertisement. There needs to be a targeted audience, and they should be addressed in a language that they understand. Additionally, the audience should be offered what they are looking for. When the quality of the advertisement is good, so will be the responses to the ad since the audience will get your first impression. Therefore, as an employer nigeria job vacancy posting sites, it is necessary for the job vacancy post to speak directly to the targeted people. When the message therein is carefully crafted, it has the ability to attract the best qualified people for the job. The following are guidelines for posting attractive job vacancies online.

A catchy job title is the first thing people see in a job vacancy post. Not many people will notice or be interested in a job advert that does not have a catchy title. Thus, you need to make the title big and bold for someone to see it from a distance. Know more on the best job boards for employers in Nigeria!

It is also wise to specify the role to be performed by the candidate. When the roles are not specified, most people might ignore the advert thinking that they do not qualify. On the other hand, many may come for the interviews but without the required qualifications. Therefore, to make it easier for you, it is advisable to indicate the role in the ad, so as to receive the suitable candidates only.

Credentials and experience should also be stated clearly to separate the wheat from the chaff. This again will save your time to interview candidates without the necessary qualifications. However, you can also indicate the ‘must-haves’ and the ‘nice-to-haves’ so as not to block everyone from qualifying for the post. It is also a polite way of including those that are less qualified.

Another important thing is to tell the potential candidates for your company. Though not a lot of details, you can describe your business briefly. This includes what your company does, its objectives and vision. In addition, inform the candidates what they are required to do in response to the advertisement.

Ask for a cover letter which should be accompanied by the testimonials. From this cover letter, you will find useful clues regarding the candidate. You can get a hint of their education level, character and the style of communication. Therefore, this will enable you to filter out candidates who are unsuitable even before they come for the interview.

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