#noestimates — What Are We Estimating Anyway?
Chris Edwards


I have a couple of thoughts.

“Estimates are a self-fulfilling prophecy. They’re a bit like a gas. The work expands to fill the space it occupies. This is why even when you triple or quintuple your estimates”.

The reaction to this shouldn’t be: “OK, so let’s just stop doing it”. Rather: “Can we fix this? How do we get to a point where this isn’t true?”

Also, I disagree. The work does not expand to fill the space. Especially not when we triple or quintuple (I guess that was a joke). Not in my experience. Maybe you can get to where I am as well? Or aim at it? …or just stop trying, that’s easier of course…

Also, remember that NoEstimates isn’t about “not estimating”. That has been stated many times by the champions of the hashtag. Helpful advice, isn’t it? ;)