The Most Important Rule in UX Design that Everyone Breaks
Jeff Davidson

This doesn’t really have any bearing on the point of the article, but the reason most people can’t remember mote than 5 – 9 words is that they haven’t learned to make use of mnemonic techniques. Using visual imagery (in my case ‘imagery’ as I’m an aphantasiac, but works nonetheless) one can easily memorize a long list of nouns by just connecting them: ”A cat eating an apple sits on a ball in a tree standing on a square” etc. This augments our short-term memory massively, as it makes use of our much more capable visual memory. As a bonus, it tends to lead to some pretty amusing scenes; like the medieval king sitting in a car, waving a hammer with one hand while chugging milk from a chalice with his other, with a fish on his lap looking sadly at a cookbook of fish recipes :)

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