Your Most Abundant Source of Business Ideas → You

Here’s a quick idea for you: Instead of searching online for “hot business opportunities”, you may be better served by investigating your own peculiarities.

With unlimited access to your own habits, spending patterns, and psychology, you have a unique viewpoint that affords ample opportunities for business innovation and entrepreneurship.

Miscalibrated Intuitions

We have poor intuitions about the potential reach the internet provides. Over the last few years, I’ve heard about people making a living based on some rather fringe business ideas:

  • Running a subscription-based forum of Barbeque-tips
  • Drawing birthday cats
  • Selling doll-clothing

Other examples abound if you start to look for them.

The internet is so huge that even the smallest niche can be lucrative.

Think Small

Thus; Think smaller — search for the granular, specific, and singular. Discard the big, general, and universal.

Use your unique viewpoint to search for ideas in your own particular experience. That is what I did.

You may find that your road to financial riches, in a very profound-sounding way, lies within. (Drop the mic here, if you recount this article to someone else)

A Bonus Thought for You:

Most people wait around for the ‘big idea’ that never comes.

But financial fortune may be easier to attain by pursuing three smaller projects (or side-hustles), than going for the (potentially) big one.

Perhaps you’d be better off running multiple lanes — just a thought.

Some actionable questions for you:

  • Run through your ideal Saturday morning in your mind. What would you love to spend a few uninterrupted hours doing? Is there a product or service to be found there?
  • What do you find yourself spending generously on?
  • What are you particularly knowledgeable about? Are there intersections between products/services and that knowledge you can explore?

Explore resources:

  • Templates for Thinking — I spend all of my time scouring through the internet to find questions, prompts & writing exercises for various needs. I’ve collected the best I can find in a template designed to help you generate business ideas. We also have templates to help you take step 2, 3, and the ones that follow after. Find it at
  • Chris Guillebeau’s books & blog — A very interesting writer and podcaster discussing “sidehustles” and the way of the modern entrepreneur.
  • Tim Ferriss’ The 4 Hour Workweek — This book has inspired a massive amount of people. Even if you don’t end up starting your own business, there’s so much to be gained from this book that I think everyone should read it.
  • For some examples of strange, but successful, businesses, read this.
  • Also — this might get your creative juices flowing.

Good luck on your journey ahead and let me know how it all works out!




Questionologist & hoarder of tools and techniques for thinking. What I find goes here:

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Henrik Eriksen

Henrik Eriksen

Questionologist & hoarder of tools and techniques for thinking. What I find goes here:

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