These are my services

I’ve always seemed to have a sense of what I do as a Scrum Master, but it’s always embarrassingly hard to actually list out all of the “services” that I “provide”. Also, I “do” a lot of different things, but listing them outright would not be too helpful since what I do (output) and what I wish to achieve (outcome) are not always clearly linked.

To help myself gather my thoughts, I thought of writing a series where I try to explain these things. I hope you will find them useful.

I’m structuring the series around the activities I involve myself in, things that you can see being in my work calendar. Don’t get me wrong: these activities aren’t the answers to “what I do” (see footnote), they merely answer the “how I do it”. Still, I try to answer the “why I do it”.

The list might change as I write this series, but the parts I have identified thus far are: Dailies, Groomings, Retrospectives, Passive activities and — as a bonus — Demos.

PS: You’ll find that I use my title of “Scrum Master” very liberally, and only as an established name for a role relating to a team that’s convenient to use when introducing myself to other people. The role I take upon myself is quite far from the traditional definition of “protector of the team and enforcer of practices”. And this has worked out for me for the two years I’ve been doing this.

Footnote: The blunt, truthful and very dangerous answer to “what I do” would be “I help products get done faster and in higher quality”. I dislike saying that too much out loud, since it can be heard in so many wrong ways. My aim with this series is for you to see what I mean with that.