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Some time ago an acquaintance started a danish version of “Word a Week” on Twitter. She would every week tweet a word that she thought wasn’t used enough. It could be a real word or some old slang. I found it very funny and thought “Why isn’t there a site which lists them”. So long story short I started working on it and was born (I got her permission first!).

The site is very simple. It uses Unsplash to show a background and then a simple black box in the middle with a word, its meaning, and sometimes a quote. …

Recently I have rediscovered my love for Golang. A language that I used to develop in professionally as a consultant.

Since that time the landscape have changed. New tools have arrived on the scene and Go finally have a modules system.

Getting those two to play nicely on CircleCI wasn’t a quick and easy thing for me to do. So I hope by sharing my raw config it can help others.

So what the config is doing is the default CircleCI stuff, like checking out the code. But look at the entries. They have been updated to match the new Golang modules cache path. …

This time we are using Rollup instead of Webpack and it is super easy. Also it requires less configuration.

Before going further I suggest you read the other blog post which will explain the conventions behind the Rollup configuration.

Rollup Configuration


Henrik Bjørnskov

I build stuff at Relatel A/S, vivid traveller and gear junkie.

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