Breaking the Autopilot

Our mind is very complex, there is no doubt about it, since this continues to be one of the hot topics today. Like many persons I grew up in the autopilot, accepting without questioning all the conditionants that my external environment imposed, adopting them as my own and worst than that without figuring out this situation.


If we analyze this situation close enough, it’s easy to see that our goals and desires are dictated by our external environment and if we don’t question enough all this demands we feel weak and frustrated, following the easiest path at the moment of complaining our condition, without realizing the source of the problem. The worst of this situation is that that voice that demands stupid things from us feels right, feels part of who we are, wich leaves me to the next idea:

It’s all bullshit

It’s true and you can prove it. How? Look arround you and see successful people with different confitions succeeding in distinct ways. The poor becomes rich, the ugly becomes a Don Juan, the fat becomes fit. So why are you still thinking that your condition dictates your destiny? Easy question, because you are in the autopilot mode, and the autopilot dictated so.


The first step to break the wall is to recognize your situation and surrender to that. This puts your feets on the ground, because after that you know that there is a path to leave the prision. The path is to monitor your toughs and reject any negative tough with a positive one. Reject auto-criticism, complaints sorrow and everything that makes you feel bad. Now you gain a major goal in your life and you should feel excited about that, but you also should be aware that the excitement will eventually cool down, wich leaves to the last topic.


It’s important to commit and gain the obsession to become the best version of yourself and after this step believe me the sky is the limit. Embrace this journey and be happy.