The Future of Financial Services

Why PayPal is invested in Uber and what it means for each and the industry

PayPal have been making some interesting investments of late. Despite being among the first pure play FinTechs, PayPal is experiencing increasingly tough competition from emerging players with better technology, as well as from those looking to take more of the payments pie themselves.

PayPal’s $500mln pre-IPO investment in Uber has drawn much attention and in the payments arena is something worth dissecting.

To frame what PayPal are up to, it’s worth highlighting other strategic investments which they have been making; India’s Pine Labs; Korea’s Viva Republica; in Europe, startups such as savings company Raisin; UK based cross-border payment startup PPRO

The Future of Financial Services

Where Uber goes from here, how it’ll look in the future and what that means for the payments ecosystem and profitability

Uber’s recent IPO and subsequent share price performance has drawn focus on the profitability potential of the company. Looking back to day one of Uber, least we not forget about how much the payments experience played part in the success of their story and in changing consumer habits and behavior. Patient venture capital has allowed Uber, already a decade in the making, to take time in plotting its next move. Uber is now poised to further enhance their app to create “something” within which we all spend more time and from which we all derive more value. …

The Future of Financial Services

How platforms and distribution channels will determine the products which asset managers must offer to remain relevant in a changing world

Grappling with fee pressures, traditional asset managers are seeking to remain relevant by offering products and services that capture the attention of a morphing investor base. Yet, as has long been the case, it is distributors that are on the front line and appear to be the driving force behind consumer choice and engagement

A common analogy being used for the future of financial advisors and/or active money management is that of the tax preparation industry. Back in the early 90s, Intuit bought a small San Diego based tech company called Chipsoft. At the time, Chipsoft were busy marketing their…

The Future of Financial Services

Are Active Managers Waving a White Flag?

With the SEC recently approving the first non-transparent ETF and active fund managers queuing up to license the technology, does this signal a waving of the proverbial white flag when it comes to the on-going battle to keep ETFs at bay?

ETFs have been disrupting the traditional asset management space for over 25 years — they were arguably among the first in what has since been a wave of products which look set to make mature peers obsolete, perhaps even altogether redundant.

Taking stock of the SEC’s recent approval to grant investment technology firm Precidian Investments, permission to license technology

Henry O’Brien

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