Mediocrity (for lack of a better title).
Fiane Shoo

So Hubspot did a study on their content generation and here’s what they found out: 20% of their most viewed content generate 97% of the leads. Put simply, they could have done 80% less and still gotten the same results.

I love the fact that your going with your own perspective of things, it doesn’t matter whether someone else has written about it or not. There’s always a new angle that you can add on to. Over and above that, don’t focus so much on the quantity of the content (publishing at least one article a week) over the quality of the content.

A better question for me usually is, how can I get the content to be more engaging? How can I know who my avid readers are and how can I improve on their experience. Might be worth thinking about.

And since I read till the end, you can start calling me “Favorite” now

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