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Week One — Day 1 of 60

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We have about 60 days to mark the end of the year. The year so far has been amazing — a lot happening, so much so that I haven’t had the chance to post on medium. Most of the goals I had set out to accomplish this year have been done. This has, for the last few months, left me feeling somewhat purposeless. You know, like what next?

So, instead of setting new “big” goals, I decided maybe it’s time to reinvent myself entirely. To do what I usually do (and a bit more) but with more consciousness and consistency. The outcome I hope for over the next two months? More peace, growth, gratitude and fulfillment. Whether or not I’ll attain them is I am yet to find out. But the journey will certainly be remarkable, this I know!

They say a journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step. I have taken this adage both literally and figuratively. The first step for me was to figure out and write down all the facets of my life I want growth on. I have began with a review of all the pending things I have and their level of importance and priorities. The next “first step” was the areas I consider important and place them in buckets.

Below is a breakdown, but in no particular order:

So basically, those are the five areas of my life I want to focus on over the next two months.

So what next? Where do I move from here?

Well, the next step for me is literally following the “one-step a time” philosophy. I have committed to doing at least one thing a day in those areas and adding one more stair case from there. I’m well aware there will be inconsistencies and that is why I have decided to do the least possible at least for the first seven days.

Here’s my week one

These will change in due course and I will try my best to post a weekly update of the progress. As opposed to focusing on the outcome, I’m focusing more on the marginal improvement on a day-to-day basis with the hope that this would translate into the results I want.

I purpose to make the last two months meaningful and enjoyable.

P.S — I will continue on the rails tutorial for everyone who had been waiting for it.

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