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If you voted for Trump and/or any republican and they screw you……….you asked for it. No sympathy forthcoming. If you didn’t vote for them and they screw you, sane America apologizes on behalf of the nitwits who voted them in for just this purpose. The folks who voted for them probably still don’t realize they’re being screwed by them. They’ll just chant their “It was Obama or Clinton that did this to us” mantra when the hammer falls on their heads. You can’t cure stupid, and it appears America is getting stupider every day. Trump doesn’t even bother to lie anymore, since his sycophants don’t care what he does as long as it’s him doing it. And Trump knows the cowardly congress isn’t going to declare him unfit or impeach him, so he really doesn’t care what they have to say either. He’s getting pretty close to that “King” or “Emperor” label that he’s looking for. But, for right now, the poor folks need to get ready to pay whatever the fat cats decide you owe them. It may be your healthcare, it may be your retirement money. It may even be your life. But, if your in big business or just wealthy and support those republican reelection campaigns, you’ll get a pass.

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