How Block Influence unlocked the potential of its database by creating LiveLists, a platform to help blockchain projects develop, promote and scale.

LiveLists for discovering and engaging with Blockchain experts

When we formed Block Influence we wanted to use our expertise in social media, influencer marketing and business-intelligence to help the blockchain industry achieve its potential. We realised that we could only achieve this through having great data and insight. So we created a database that identified, analysed and ranked prominent individuals and organisations based on publicly available data from social media platforms. …

A quick fire tutorial on short-form articles. No time-wasters please.

Headline & subtitle

This is your shop window. Make it more than a precursor, it should intrigue and set the tone. Don’t clickbait, your article won’t be shared and people will think you suck.


Educate, inform and entertain. Tick these boxes and you’re onto a winner. Choose areas of expertise or personal experience. Even better if it’s topical.

Writing style

Do not utilise unnecessarily verbose and avoidable hyperbole that unnecessarily embellishes. Like that last sentence. Keep it punchy. Although darling, please give your copy some fucking character. Allow your personality to shine.

Image use

A picture is…

With influencer marketing establishing itself as a key component of an ICO strategy, we help you manage your financial expectations before you dip a toe in the waters of influence and list what factors to consider when parting with your precious marketing budget.

photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

When working through proposals with prospective clients, we like to have the budget conversation as early as possible. And we are often met with disbelief at the rates that blockchain and cryptocurrency influencers are currently charging for their promotional services. …

A look at the prominence of anonymous influencers in the blockchain and crypto space, how to best incorporate them into your ICO marketing strategy and the administrative complications that you will face.

The rise of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has been steadily on the rise for a number of years. With the dawn of social media stars (who found fame on platforms such as YouTube, Twitter and Instagram), brands spotted an opportunity to target the elusive millennial and post-millennial generations.

Influencer marketing has been adopted by a wide range of industries. However, as a result of only gaining mass market traction in 2017, the blockchain…

Henry Clay

Co-founder of Block Influence, a business intelligence organisation for the blockchain sphere

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