We all have at least one person in our life — it may be a parent, relative, mentor, or speaker — who has told us to dream big. And in fact most of us listen to them and became big dreamers. We dreamed about what we’ll become when we grow older.

And I’m sure you have all had dreams growing up as kids. Now there is nothing wrong with having a dream. The only danger of having a dream is that some people get hung up on those “puppy dreams”. And I call them puppy dreams because they are like puppy love which is mainly infatuation; it is just an emotional burst that has occurred because of what we have been exposed to, or as a result of what has influenced us by our family, friends or relatives as kids without any real capacity to think for ourselves. Now that we are grown and actually can think for ourselves, some of us tend to not do that, we block away the dreams that could be our actual dream all in the name of trying to fulfill our childhood or puppy dreams. This is one reason why I say having a dream is all crap.

If you have been working on your puppy dreams for years and nothing is happening, don’t stop yourself from seeing other opportunities. I know they say never give up which I even preach too, but sometimes the reasons why that dream is not working may be because you need to find your real calling (dream). Always open your eyes for other opportunities: if you don’t, you may spend your entire life chasing someone else’s dream. The same may apply to your relationship. Don’t get too hung up on your ideal perfect guy or girl: you may never find him/her because there is no perfection.

Perhaps you had a dream as a kid of becoming a pilot or a lawyer, and now you are grown and have been working on that dream for many years: you even went to school, got certifications, and training and may have a mentor, but nothing is happening. Perhaps people have brought you many business opportunities or career opportunities that are not exactly what you dreamed of, but you blew them off because you are hung up on this puppy dream that was probably created by your parent’s or teacher’s ideas. So why let that ruin your life or stop you from doing other things that could have change your life for good? Those things that you are turning a blind eye to are probably what you are destined to do. We have heard about many people who thought a particular career was their passion but then switch to something else and succeeded beyond their imagination and I’m sure that’s the case for many of us reading this; even your parents could have experienced this.

I know someone who wanted to be a teacher. She wanted to get into teacher’s college but couldn’t get admission, so she changed route and went to school for accounting and graduated, then started working for a bank. She accelerated to the top of the bank. She ended up loving and enjoying her banking job so much that she wouldn’t trade it for anything. What if she had refused to do other things and got stuck with the idea of becoming a teacher which was her original dream? She took the chance and didn’t waste her opportunity.

So never let your “puppy dream” stop you from seeing other opportunities.

Another reason why dreams are crap is often times, people get so hung up on dreams that they forget about acting on the dreams. They talk about it and fantasize about it, but never actually get to work. Before they know it, it is too late to work on the dream and they regret never acting on it.

You may be busy dreaming about one day going into that real estate business, working on your MBA degree, becoming a singer, going back to school once the kids are grown, opening a store when you are 30 years old with some experience, or starting that online business. When you are dreaming about these things, others are busy doing it. Take action instead of just dreaming. If you are reading this, I’m sure you are no longer a baby, so stop dreaming and start doing. Only babies are allowed to dream; your job is to take action. Stop getting blinded by your “puppy dreams” and start seeing your actual dreams. A dream is just a wish if you don’t act on it.

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