Throwback Diaries: Sunday Drive Home

Photo by Blue Ox Studio from Pexels

The day is Sunday. It’s been a long day at church. A day half spent in Sunday school learning about the great stories and characters in the Bible along with the lessons they impart, the other half of the day is spent running around the church compound, begging uncles and aunties to lend me their phones to play games, and waiting for my parents to be done with their glorified gist/gossip sessions AKA “Meetings”. When they finally finish, we begin our journey home.

As the journey goes, I’m seated in the back, squished between however many people the car can contain without spilling over but we hardly care because our resident driver/Car DJ, Uncle Austin is already blasting his latest music playlist acquired straight from the corners of Alaba International market: D’Banj, Mo’ Hits, P Square, TuFace, and many others deliver the best music Nigeria had to offer straight into my eardrums. This carries me through all the holdups, potholes and traffic on the road home.

Along the way, my mom decided to stop at Mr Biggs, the best fast food restaurant to ever exist (after some light prodding from yours truly). I go in with her to get some snacks for everybody. I don’t go in to only help my mother with carrying the snacks back to the car. I’m definitely not that thoughtful kid. I have to go with her to make sure she doesn’t forget to get me my latest Supa Strikas issue. You see, that’s my 2nd religion and I’m not missing that fresh hype from the beautiful visual of Shegs dealing with the enemy team of the week. This is way more important than any snacks no matter how delicious they may be.

Kids had Superman, Batman and Spidey. We Africans had Shegs/Shakes.

After the Mr Biggs stop, we continue our homebound journey but the repercussion from the previous hours of playing added with my excitement for new Supa Strikas multiplied by standstill traffic leads to an equation of shut eyes, a bent neck, and a slightly snoring mouth. Your boy is out. I only wake up when I somehow feel the familiar presence of our neighbourhood. The gates are opened, the car comes to its final halt and the journey is officially over when my mom says “Thank God for journey mercies”. My body is fully roused by the excitement of snacks to be eaten and Supa Strikas to be read but as I rush down from the car, a feeling of dread comes upon me… I have School tomorrow.

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