You’re delusional and out of your mind if you think that. I’m sorry for you.
Sasha Stone

Martin Luther King Jr., in “Where Do We Go From Here,” said that those with power blame the powerless for creating the very division that resulted in the inequality in the first place. Victim blaming, essentially.

If you can’t acknowledge that the reason Democrats lost is because they’re a bunch of corrupt and corporate shills, and can’t acknowledge that NAFTA has ravaged the working class up and down the continent and that it was the Democrats MO all along, and can’t acknowledge, among so many other truly messed up and revolting things about the Clintons and their party, that Hillary spent years speaking AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE up until the exact moment she saw the tides were against her and then had the audacity to CYNICALLY AND DISHONESTLY TAKE CREDIT for defending LGBTQ rights, then YOU AND PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM FACING THE LEFT.

Madeline Albright is on TV as saying that it was worth it murder Iraqi children! WTF?!?!?! Bill Clinton is an alleged serial rapist! WTF?!?!?! Hillary supported the Iraq War and loves Henry Kissinger, who may be more responsible for the shitbog we are stuck in the Middle East than any living American politician! WTF!?!?!?

“The numbers don’t lie.”

You’re the one who is delusional and out of your mind if you actually think that numbers don’t lie after the 18-months of bullshit “polls” we had forced down our throats by the (mostly) Hillary-aligned media and their flawed statistics. If people like you actually shape Democratic policy and opinion in the coming monhts and years and don’t get your heads out of the sand on how the so-called “Democratic” party screws overs its own followers and then tries gaslighting them into blaming everyone but them, then the Dems are done, and we are all headed off a cliff.

I don’t actually expect you to give me the respect of taking my opinions seriously. I’ve seen the trash you spew. Talking to you would be like trying to have a conversation with a fire alarm blaring over a litter of crying puppies.

So go on. Call me a racist misogynist without knowing anything about my identity or experiences of oppression and resistance. I dare you.