All spiky, erratic, moving unpredictably and illogically up and down; undisciplined, indecipherable, more like a cipher unless you know it by sight and familiarity; not a childish scrawl, but not adult either, nor imaginative enough to be seen as invented, looks more reflexive than practiced; abrupt, jagged endings of letters, no curves or curlicues, no time for art or attractive embellishments; looks like a stock market chart on a particularly nervous day; could symbolize a neurotic looking for a way out but always turning back into itself in such a way as to practically efface itself; barely like handwriting, little interest in taking time for anything; obssesive-like impatience; shows no interest in being legible nor understood; looks both hasty as if to be dodging and indecipherable, yet determined to leave a mark; looks like amateurish, yet workable stitches of a wound.

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