Because of escalated targeting of me for my investigative writing activities focusing on FBI infiltration and depredations in the Fairfield, Connecticut, area, my periodic reports will become more frequent and will include specifics including locations, names of individuals, and descriptions of incidents as well as analyses as I have the time. For an example of the escalation of the targeting, yesterday afternoon in the Fairfield Public Library, there was an incident I see as an attempt to cast suspicion on me with the aim of succeeding in framing me for theft of some electronic device.

Soon after I sat down in a chair next to the recharging apparatus furnished by the Library where I often sit to do the day’s N. Y. Times’ crossword puzzle, one of the hobos regularly at the Library engaged in FBI surveillance and witness intimidation of me at the Library came by and made a noticeable fuss that his device he had been recharging had been “stolen”. I never saw a device in the recharging apparatus when I had sat down; and there were two other persons sitting in chairs on the other side of the rectangular table between the chairs on my side and theirs where the recharging apparatus was placed. The hobo who was the “victim” of the “theft” reported this to a librarian at the nearby reference desk. She came around to see who was in the area. I wasn’t paying much attention to what was going on as I was long familiar with the hobo’s surveillance and role in the targeting of me.

The librarian left. It wasn’t long before a uniformed Fairfield police officer showed up, called by the hobo or the librarian. The hobo and the officer stood near me, looking toward me as they both looked at the spot where the supposed device had been put and was being recharged when it was “stolen”.

Some weeks before this incident, I discovered a large file of video pornography on my computer (MacBook Air). The place was the top of the screen below the URL space on Safari browser. Beginning to the left, I have in this space Google Maps, Apple, etc. I sometimes use Google maps, but otherwise pay little attention to what is there. I forget how or why it is that the area displaying icons for everything along this line got opened. I may have absent-mindedly clicked on the icon to the left opening this space when meaning to use Google Maps, forgetting that I can get directly to the Maps by clicking on the name. In any event, in opening up this space showing icons for Google Maps, Apple…Youtube…etc., I came upon the icon for a file that appeared to be pornography. I clicked on this icon — and sure enough got to a large file of porn videos. It went on and on. I never put it there. I wouldn’t know how to put such a file there. Since the FBI has infiltrated my computer to monitor my emails, track my web browing, become aware of legal research I do, and other surveillance, I believe it must have been the FBI that put the porn file on my computer.

I deleted the file. But who knows what else might have unknowingly to me been planted on my computer in places where I would be unlikely to find it?

The porn video goes along with the so-called authorities’ plans to defame and demonize me more in accordance with the escalated targeting. Upon reporting the menacing/social cleansing incident at the Pequot Library in August 2015 (grounds for a lawsuit by me) to the Fairfield Police Department, I was informed by them that I was harassing women and their children at the Pequot Library. This was news to me.

Later at the Fairfield Public Library, there were several incidents where I was obviously being targeted with the use of tween and younger teen girls in attempts to entrap me into sexual crimes or accusations. Some of the girls took Lolita-like poses in the chair next to mine, and moved within inches of me obviously trying to provoke some movement by me which the so-called authorities could use as evidence of the sorts of crimes the so-called authorities have decided they want to accuse me of. In the case of one of the young girls, she took a position so blatant and provocative with her rear end no more than about a foot and a half from the side of my head in the chair next to me as if kneeling in a pew where I could not help to be aware of this, a librarian walking around the corner coming upon this in some errand did such a double-take, I thought she would break her neck.

On September 26, 2016, I sent an email to the Fairfield Public Library director Karen Ronald telling her about the unseemly targeting with the use of young adolescent girls; which as I told her, I regarded as child abuse.

Thus I will henceforth be more frequent and more specified in my reports on the targeting of me. This will be not only for the purpose of public safety, but also self defense. While having been previously officially, duplicitously, and viciously targeted for suspected extortion, drug dealing, use of prostitutes, terrorist sympathies, and other crimes, the so-called authorities now work to demonize and entrap me for hostile and sexual crimes against young girls.

As the escalated targeting of me is put into effect, so I escalate the level and content of my reports out of self-defense. For I see that the so-called authorities, having decided upon suitable, and malicious, crimes they want to convict me of, have now only to devise some evidence. They may succeed in framing me, as they have succeeded in good, but not complete measure in demonizing me (a situation I find alternatingly funny and threatening). I have no intention of by silence or out of fear induced by continual witness intimidation making their path in this unobstructed or easy.