The European aviation expert Andre Milne has claimed that the search for missing airliner Malaysia 370 reputed to have crashed in a remote area of the southern Indian Ocean is based on a “criminal act of fabrication of evidence.” This is starting to get to both the reasons for the incident and the search for it in that it brings in the factor of intent. In articles I published online about three weeks after the airplane went missing in March 2014, I called it an “espionage incident”; which also raised the factor of intent apart from the cast of suspects being considered. Among these suspects were the pilot, the copilot, Russian hijackers, and Middle Eastern terrorists. As I and now Milne both consider, there is intent by persons unknown at this point and virtually not considered at all by the media or government officials accounting for the disappearance of MH370 and subsequent failure to find any trace of it.

While Milne’s seeing criminal acts as behind a fraudulent search in the southern Indian Ocean does not rule out criminal acts in the original diversion and disappearance of the plane, it does explain the failure to find any trace of it or to pursue other plausible leads on where it might be. The “criminal act of fabrication of evidence” resulting in the Indian Ocean search may have been opportunistic on the part of the state-security services of Australia and its allies with or without the knowledge of political leaders. It would not be the first time Western state-security agencies acted on their own without the knowledge of the leading politicians and supposedly government oversight agencies. In my mulling over what might have happened, I mentioned that the “search” looked like an allied naval exercise with ships coming as far away as Japan and South Korea. Australian and allies such as the U. S. and others of the Five Eyes alliance may have seen the disappearance of Malaysia 370 as offering an opportunity for mapping an unknown part of the Indian Ocean; which mapping is in fact taking place during the search.

The title of one of my articles posted at about three weeks after the incident is titled “Australian Involvement in the MH370 Mystery? — A Study of the Curious Flight Path.” A link to the recent article in “International Business Times” on Andre Milne’s accusations and ideas follows.

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