Fasten your seat belt — otherwise you might fall out of your seat from laughing. It’s always fun to see the swindlers get swindled. In this case, apparently, the DNC, Dept. of Justice, and various US intelligence agencies — so smart as we all know — got swindled — not only in cash, but also intelligence. One of my perspectives on the current comedy-madness going on in the country is that we’ve passed the tipping point where the obsessive and myopic inflation of the importance and value of “security” (briefly put, as defined by the merry band at the NSA, FBI, and other so-called state-security agencies) has collapsed on itself so that it’s as comically, ineptly dysfunctional as lots of other parts of government. The only reason the dysfunction, ineptness, and pathology of the FBI, for instance, has remained “covert” for so long is because of the bizarre, incestuous, and doomed practices of “secrecy”; which in my case as a target of the FBI, I’ve observed for years combine intimidation, demonization, conspiracy, embarrassment, and desperation in way that is impossible to maintain, and in fact inane. For years, I’ve been following the FBI self-destruct.

When I read about the FBI’s preference for Trump as president during the campaign (in all probability what was behind Comey’s going public with the discovery of previously unknown Clinton emails on Anthony Weinter’s computer), I saw this as natural — what attracted the FBI to Trump was Trump’s manifest insanities, absence of self-discipline, unapologetic serial affronts to common decency, joy in infantalism, recklessness, and incompetence. Like Trump, the FBI along with other so-called state-security agencies saw even more of this — a doubling down — as the way to power and for the FBI, bureaucratic predominance, and for Trump, political predominance. So now, the FBI, a sieve of leaks as we’ve seen over the past year or more, is being called in to conduct an investigation into the White House staffers, a sieve of leaks. And we’re all drowning.