Today as I was sitting in the Fairfield Public Library, Connecticut, in the magazine area reading emails on my iPad, I was approached by two Fairfield Police officers. One of them, officer Thresher, handed me a letter composed BY FPD Deputy Chief Christopher Lyddy that I am not permitted in the library and subject to arrest for the felony of trespassing if I am on the property or contact any of the library’s staff.

This followed my being told to contact the library director Karen Ronald with the implication that I would hear from her if she felt this was warranted at the end of an incident on January 19, 2017. I have contacted her by email on January, 20 — email posted also on Facebook. But I got no reply from her. I went to the library today, January 24, 2017, having fully complied with directions at the end of the January 19 incident (although I believed such directions were probably not legally enforceable with respect to my presence at a public library).

When I asked officer Thresher what the grounds were for such a letter and who was the individual or individuals behind it, he replied ethereally that there had been complaints from staff and maybe patrons (I don’t remember exactly) that my presence and behavior was alarming them. Officer Thresher specified no behavior, nor named any individuals. Outside the library, when asked about an investigation which would specify behavior and identify individuals, he said that he would be conducting an investigation once I had left. I’m used to this with the crime and corruption in the legal system I have been exposing involving also individuals outside of it — allegations first (i. e., attempts at witness intimidation of me), get to the facts later, if ever.

In the next day or two, I will be sending out a news release with more information on the developing story of Fairfield, Connecticut’s ongoing escalating activities of social cleansing. Officer Thresher told me that his report on his “investigation” would be filed by tomorrow, and I could get a copy at the Fairfield Police Department headquarters on Reef Road.

(I know lawyers aware of what is going on are salivating over wanting to take my cases in Federal and Connecticut state courts. The cases are slam dunks. I estimate total damages of between $2 million and $3 million considering the viciousness of the conduct I allege, the number of counts (over 10 in some cases), and the number of individuals and the organizations named as defendants. But lawyers, keep your wallets in your pants for now. I may look into getting a lawyer at some point. But for now, I want to be handling the cases myself because with my longtime familiarity with the criminal and corrupt actions against me and my primarily interest in exposing this as a public service and for public safety. I want to stay in touch with the cases as I am so that I can continue to report on their developments and the issues entailed in them from firsthand awareness.)