This is the letter I sent out this morning to members of Fairfield University (Connecticut) faculty concerning FBI infiltration of the university library over this past summer as I was ding research and studying there:

Fairfield University faculty member,

I am contacting you to report FBI infiltration of the Dimenna-Nyselius Library occurring over this past summer. A 1971 graduate of Fairfield University following 4 years in the U. S. Air Force spent mostly in England, during the summer when students were away, I spent two or three days a week at the Library mostly doing research for my self-employment as an ephemera dealer selling archives and rare material to research libraries and specialized dealers. Over this time, FBI surveillance, harassment, and defamation occurring elsewhere in my rounds of work and errands was instigated at the Library by FBI agents involving Library staff and other university personnel.

The targeting of me for surveillance combined with harassment, threats, serial entrapment attempts, defamation/demonization, and other hostile activities began years ago when I began investigative writing about widespread crime and corruption throughout the Connecticut legal system after the theft of thousands of dollars of medical films of mine by the lawyers James T. Shearin (current chairman) and Timothy A. Bishop (no longer with the firm) of the Pullman and Comley law firm. Proving beyond any doubt that I had dropped off the films to them after they had lied about this and filing a criminal complaint after the statewide grievance committee supposedly overseeing lawyer ethics ruled my accusations (along with multifaceted legal malpractice) and associated exposure of the attorneys’ lies was “immaterial,” I was immediately targeted for state’s attorneys’ and accomplices’ program of incrimination, beginning with an illegal wiretap on my phone.

After several years, the FBI became the primary agency in the witness intimidation of me for exposing multiple crimes committed against me and my investigative writing about criminal and corrupt activities throughout the legal system of interest to the public. Continuing, broadening, and escalating the hostile targeting of me begun and pursued by state so-called law-enforcement people, the FBI activity targeting me included close monitoring, prejudicing numerous members of the public to involve them in the monitoring and harassment, coordinated monitoring involving multiple individuals, and a number of times, planned positioning or movement that was implicitly ominous with its regularity and intention. Of note in one of the last days I was at the Library toward the end of August a week or two before the fall semester would begin, as I entered the Library by the nearest, left-side door coming from the cafeteria, an alarm sounded which caused the evacuation of the Library.

There are those who will say the sounding of the alarm causing the evacuation of some thirty or so staff and patrons of the library — and a similar alarm evacuating the Bannow Science Center as witnessed while standing at the front of the Library upon the evacuation — upon the moment of my entering the Library after spending fifteen minutes or so in the cafeteria is a “coincidence.” This is highly improbable to the point of being farcical as the incident replays similar incidents at the Fairfield Public Library and has a relation to another, menacing incident at the Pequot Library in Southport.

As I spend considerable time at libraries in the area, the FBI has targeted libraries as favored — though not exclusive — locations for surveillance, harassment, and threatening of me with involvement of respective libraries’ staff and patrons to varying degrees. The menacing, alarming Pequot Library incident has resulted in a lawsuit which is presently being pursued at the Connecticut District Court, a Federal court. Much of the years of surveillance, threats, and conspiratorial activity including entrapment attempts, a concocted charge of harassment (dismissed by the court), overt threats, etc., by individuals and agencies at the state level has been recorded in my book “A Clicking in the Air — A Connecticut Whistleblower’s Story”. The “clicking” of the main title refers to the illegal wiretap on my Black Rock apartment phone by Connecticut state’s attorneys and accomplices.

As I took a step or two into the Library in the first seconds of the blaring of the alarm, to my left was professor Kevin Cassidy walking toward me grinning. This along with various behavior of professor Cassidy throughout the summer when I was at the Library raise questions with me about his connection to the surveillance. Other individuals connected with the Library whose movements and manner in relation to me raise suspicions of involvement with the FBI surveillance are Jonathan Hodge, identified as Head Librarian Cataloguer at the Library website, and to a lesser degree, Circulation Supervisor Susan Sparkman, as well as other lower-level unidentified permanent or temporary staff persons.

After graduating from Fairfield, I went to Georgetown University; where I earned an M.A. in philosophy, deciding not to continue toward a Ph.D. although I had been accepted into this program. Since earning the M.A. with acceptance of my submitted thesis, I have been self-employed variously in the fields of teaching, publishing, writing, consulting, and most recently in my years when most others are retired, acquiring, researching, marketing, and even once in a while, selling archival material the fields of history, science, literature, art, and others.

Thank you for your attention to the significant, timely, and relevant matters I have informed you of briefly in this email. Contact me if you would like any more information. I expect to begin a lawsuit regarding the situation and related incidents at the Dimenna-Nyselius Library over this past summer (2016). I have no animosity toward either individuals, the Library, or Fairfield University. I plan the lawsuit in order to uncover, expose, and report further on operational details of state-security agencies which as I see it and have in fact experienced as well, are a threat to many individuals and democratic values of free expression, inquiry, association, and movement.

Beginning about three years ago after years of surveillance, harassment, demonization, etc., which I regard as field work, I started to write about my experiences and observations of all of this on social media and by other communications. As announced on Facebook when I began this activity, “With my interest in anthropology, rather than baboons in the bush, I propose to study FBI of southwestern coastal Connecticut.” This email to you and my soon-to-come lawsuit are latest aspects of this activity.

Henry Berry

investigative writer