I am pursuing four lawsuits based on a range of (alleged) criminal and illegal (tort) actions against me by various individuals (mostly librarians in Fairfield, CT) and the institutions they work for. I’m having a go at it again after being cheated in the course of previous legal actions against the CT law firm Pullman and Comley and individual lawyers at it (James T. Shearin and Timothy A. Bishop) for theft of medical films of mine among other claims. In short, the lawyers submitted perjured affidavits, but these were disregarded by judges. What I’m getting to is that after my experience, I recommend the formation of teams of intelligent, skilled, literate individuals who can advise pro se plaintiffs (or in some cases pro se defendants) on filing sound legal papers and protecting their rights as citizens and litigants. Such advisors would help individuals shepherd their case through the legal system while also serving as witnesses for it to attest to cheating and sometimes criminal activities (such as illegal surveillance or harassment) which could happen in the course of the case. As is the answer to many social problems, individuals joining together can have an effect. This said, I agree with nearly every lawyer and judge that the large majority of pro se/self-represented parties have dismal legal abilities, weak writing skills, and limited ability in making points and arguments orally. My proposal would help remedy such weaknesses. I foresee volunteer capable advisors at times patrolling courthouses letting relevant litigants know about their service, and also advertising in community newspapers and other publications. While such advisors would work voluntarily, litigants they help out who are successful and receive monetary damage awards would be encouraged to contribute a small portion of these to some worthwhile public charity. I hope to soon begin to form such an advisory group in the Bridgeport, CT, area where I am pursuing cases in the Bridgeport Superior Court (see CT judicial website, Henry Berry plaintiff). Feel free to contact me if you believe you have the experience, capabilities, and interest in acting as an advisor for litigants who could use your help or are a litigant who is seeking help from an alternate source of advise.

re: Private Attorney’s General Beginner’s Manual – Private Citizen’s Guide to Private Rights of Action