I don’t think in trying to make sense of Comey’s letter to members of Congress (which I think was timely, relevant, and prudent) one should loose sight of the context in which this was done; as difficult as this is in the blatantly partisan media hysteria and political opportunism stirred up by Comey’s letter. The main aspect to keep in mind as I see it is that it was originally Attorney General Loretta Lynch who compromised the investigation. I think her meeting with Bill Clinton at the Arizona airport conveniently put her in a position where she could recuse herself from having to make the final decision whether to prosecute Hillary Clinton for serious security violations, and put the onus for this on Comey. While Lynch drew criticism for her meeting with Bill Clinton, she thus avoided what would be sure to be more serious, possibly undermining, much higher-volume, much more vehement, and longer-lastng criticism attending a final decision on whether to prosecute — as Comey is now drawing. Comey is now portrayed by some as challenging Department of Justice/Loretta Lynch guidelines and virtual directions not to submit the letter simply mentioning a change of circumstances regarding the Hillary Clinton’s emails of intense public interest. Whereas, as I see it, Comey was basically acting simply as a prudent, responsible, public-minded individual would act under the circumstances he had been put in by Attorney General Lynch’s thoughtless, irresponsible, private meeting with Bill Clinton on her airplane in Arizona. In the end, I hope Comey holds out. In circumstances he never asked for but into which he was thrust by conniving bureaucrats hoping to keep a lid on serious questions about Hillary Clinton’s handling of a huge volume of classified material with the meddling, diabolical presence of the Clinton’s flirting throughout, I find it refreshing that there is someone within the precinct of the Beltway who is not dancing to the tune the conniving bureaucrats, self-serving politicians, and high-level public officials thought they had so craftily laid out for him.

(Disclosure: I write this as an investigative writer making accusations of vicious, systematic, threatening, long-running targeting of me by FBI in Connecticut for exposing crimes and corruption in the legal system. Lawsuits I have filed in Connecticut implicate this targeting, though I have not begun any against the FBI yet.)