What we’re witnessing in the Flynn scandal of the early days of the Trump administration, the circling intelligence agencies, claims of fake news, ideological posturing, selective leaking, and all is the miasma that develops when the public out of fear instigated and cultivated by many politicians and fueled by the state-security agencies has come to believe that “security” will save us; as if “security” as peddled by the cynical,, careerist politicians and opportunistic state-security agencies is the focus of government and policy-making virtually to the exclusion of all other considerations and values.

As a target of the FBI for many years for my investigative writing exposing crime and corruption throughout the legal system involving judges, lawyers, states attorneys, and others, I am especially following (as much as this is possible) the place, the course, and the activities of the FBI.

Not long ago, the FBI’s demonstrable intrusion into the presidential race instrumental in the election of Trump (I don’t think there is any denying this) was the main, central concern relating to the undermining of democratic institutions and practices. There were calls, mostly by Democrats, notably John Podesta, for investigations into Comey’s actions, FBI interference in the campaign, and particularly behavior in the FBI New York field office (to which Rudy Giullani is closely associated). Russian meddling in the campaign trying to tip the election to Trump was secondary to recognized, demonstrable FBI meddling.

But now the focus has shifted — I think in all likelihood from FBI efforts to shift the focus from its own meddling. Whereas the FBI — or at least an influential cabal within it — had strongly favored Trump to the point of unconscionable, unprecedented meddling in the presidential campaign to affect the voting, to divert attention from this, the FBI changed course so that the Russian interference would become the main, central focus — as it in fact has become, now overshadowing FBI meddling to the point of obscuring it and probably dissipating concern so there will never be an investigation into the FBI meddling.

The CIA — said to have favored Hilary Clinton for president — is also playing a part in the publicity concerning links to Russia among Trump cronies and appointees such as the now-departed Michael Flynn. I don’t think the FBI is now allied with the CIA in trying to damage Trump. The FBI is engaged sheerly in an attempt at self-preservation in its predictable treacherous way. With most or all of the other state-security agencies — CIA, NSA, and others — having become concerned over the Flynn talks with the Russian ambassador and apparent other links to Russia, the FBI could hardly stand out against this without renewing scrutiny of itself which would be taken by many (rightly) as evidence of the FBI’s meddling in the election to tip it to Trump.

In helping to get Trump elected, the FBI no doubt figured it would have a preferential position in the Trump administration, pleasing to the FBI in its rivalry with the CIA and also in line with its ambition to be and to be recognized as the prime antiterrorism agency. But as things are playing out in the Trump administration, the FBI figured that this wasn’t such a good idea considering the controversies sprouting up in the administration, at least a couple or few likely to lead to full-fledged scandals. Enhanced, prolonged scrutiny of Trump would inevitably raise questions about the FBI’s ties with him. And so, the FBI has been persuaded — and it didn’t take much in light of the host of controversies relating to Trump — to forget about wanting to be identified with Trump to enlarge and strengthen its bureaucratic position in the government.

But then a funny thing happened on the way to the bank of greatly increased Federal budget by being a favorite of the president — the FBI thinking it was effectively distancing itself from severe criticism and investigation for meddling in the election now finds that by turning on Trump that it has come under severe criticism and probable investigation regarding leaked phone conversations of Michael Flynn, other material obviously leaked by state-security agencies out of their own political agendas and maliciousness, and what can only be coordinated, conspiratorial, and probably illegal activities in varied state-security agencies, including the FBI.

What’s a treacherous, depraved agency such as the FBI to do? Treachery, depravity, cynicism, illegality aren’t what they used to be. The FBI’s room for treacherous maneuvering has narrowed considerably. What’s the agency going to do now? Try to suck up to Trump again? Too late it seems for this. They tried it once, and it didn’t work. In the end, I expect, as usual, nothing will happen — no one, no agency will be held accountable, the public will remain in the dark as much as it was before.

It’s hard to see now how the FBI will accomplish its original goal of coming out over the CIA as the primary spy and antiterrorism agency. Looks like the FBI is going to have to stick with entrapping hapless, dimwitted Middle Eastern men into being charged with terrorism and continue harassing and threatening me in Fairfield County, Connecticut, with the use of as many dupes and stooges it can recruit.

(This article was brought to you by an investigative writer targeted for many years by the FBI as a public service and in the interest of public safety.)