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Apple clearly haven’t lost their way. We are clearly in transition with connectivity — they can’t exacly ship a USB3 cable with their iPhone7 when no one can plug that in. They can’t ship a laptop with processors that don’t exist. They can’t ship a laptop with more than 16GB of RAM when the processors don’t allow it. They have focused on battery life, and rightly so. That’s what pros need.

Microsoft have shipped a desktop reminisant of Apple’s ‘lamp’ iMac from years ago with a touch screen. Who is this incredibly expensive device for? Their Surface Pro is like a dead weight. The MacBook Pro betters it’s battery life and is significantly faster, providing a better value proposition and yet Apple get critisism and Microsoft get props. Whilst Windows has touch, it’s utterly unusable — Apple have iOS which is designed for touch and beautifully so.

I’ll give Microsoft credit, they have really got Cloud, and mobile (finally!), and they are trying — they’re the underdog after all. I’m all in on a Microsoft Cloud, but let’s be honest, there is little genuinely innovative — everyone else has done it first.